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OUR FINAL VERDICT....Our final is set but my mind slipped on the schedule which I'm thinking that it will be on August 1.  Two days before our final examination, I was trying to do a self study on a quick change.  It’s good to learn this quick change to minimize the time frame of changing outfit to another outfit.  Then I’m all set and prepared the 2 set theme outfit required in a quick change mode.  I’m also doing practicing on loading animations on my huddle on the last minute until midnight before final but I slept over.  Thank you to Ms. Lisana's guidance.  It's good that I didn't join the Olympic styling event which I plan to.  I'm also in doubt if I will join it or not because I'm not sure if I'm still in the photo contest.’

By accident and without thinking about the final exam, I message Ms. Anrol Anthony about the landmark where they held their photo contest but then she reprimand me of not taking my final exam with her.  At first I was so rattled that I missed it.  I am hoping she’ll give me a chance.  However, Ms. Anrol Anthony is very accommodating.  She let me take the final exam without hesitation. 

Here we go, when I landed to University of Classic with Style and leading to styling runway back stage, Ms. Anrol Anthony starting to remind me of what to do.  The more I feel nervous but I tried to calm down myself and answer properly all her queries respectfully.  I was not on the theme required for our finals when I landed first at UCWS campus so that’s why Ms. Anrol was also telling me this and that.  At the end she managed to check all the required assessments for our finals.  The coverage are red theme outfit for the styling runway, huddle invitation, character test and bikini quick change.  I was then recharge and feel at ease when she said I had a big change except for my weakness in walk and poses.  I thought our verdicts were already finished but then she asks me to do a blog with pictures about Classic with Style runways stage and she gave me the landmarks as one of the requirements for passing the final.  Before hand I want to show my simple blushing red outfit photo with description.

I showed my simple blushing red styling outfit that I presented in front of Ms. Anrol Anthony as part of our finals.  She asked me to take a photo since she can not glance my white hat with ribbon.  And here is my outfit description for the final examination in styling;

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our blushing red styling today.  A pleasant good afternoon to everyone.  My name is Thrishia Denver and I am an aspiring model and graduating student of University of Classic with Style.

For today, as one of the students of UCWS, we are required to do a red theme event as part of our finals.  I dig into my inventory to look for the proper theme outfit.  I found this lovely vestido outfit with mini skirt style.  I would like to represent my own blushing red theme interpretation.  I called my outfit a dazzling and simple lacey red vestido outfit.  

I choose this lovely red vestido outfit to go with the mini skirt theme pair with this elegance red white heels and a red robin hat plus a flashy accessories.  Red symbolizes the strong-willed drive and persistence.  So if we have these characteristics, we could achieve our goals in time.  I'm wearing a glitter red smokey eyes and ruby red lips to match the color of my outfit, simple creamy blonde hair.  These are the outfit I'm wearing for this lovely red theme:

Hat-Nickle Sparrowtree Red Robin-Himeko Ninetails
Hair-CreamyBlonde-good-Kimberly Emms
Shape-Heaven's shape-Cleo
Make up-Noya
My Red Lacey Vestido Vermelho Renda Set-Kharina Burt
Jewelry set-Millady's Magic time
High hells-Diana Devebec

Thank you and hope you all enjoyed our styling Blushing Red theme event for today.  I would like to take this opportunity to thanks all of our instructors (Lisana, Tiffani, Laylah, Vicky & Debbie) who help us implant some knowledge and develop our modeling skills in Second Life with the support of UCWS top management Ms. Anrol Anthony and Mr. Steve McCullough. 

Hugss to all,

These are the following authentic four (4) runways stage that we have to blog.  I found that all of them have different uniqueness on their interior design.  It's nice to take a photo which the design is very authentic, elegant and unique in style.  Here's my photo journey... :)


This is the entrance of their newly built ballroom stage.  This is my favorite photo shot.  I was so amazed with the unique design that I really love to stare.  It is very elegant from outside to inside.  The photo above I took was the entrance if you are inside this ballroom stage.  The carving on the ceiling and the arches of the door entrance was very appealing.  The workmanship of the interior design was really excellent. 

This is the new colorful elegant ballroom stage of Classic with Style.  Each panel standing along the sides of the stage have these changeable colors.  It was so ecstatic for the eyes when the color changes from each panel.  It matches with these 2 great fountains that give more refreshing attraction because of the water flowing on it.  The sides of the curtain and the arch on top were really of great authentic design.  There's also the special sitting arrangement for the judges or special guest and for the audience.

The two photos above were still part of the new ballroom stage.  It was the left and right side of the stage.  The ballroom is wide enough to accommodate lots of visitors who love to watch a fashion shows.  Pictures of those models who grabbed an astounding achievement in modeling were hanging on both side of the wall of this very elegant ballroom stage.  This is one truly a work of great ideas on how to build a good place like this very authentic and very cozy ballroom stage.

SECOND stop - CWS black and white STAGE

While I'm doing this portion, I am having a problem inserting my photo shots but I hope these will appear great.  Finally after 5 times of trials, I inserted these 2 photos above and below.  You will notice that it goes match the name of the stage Black & White stage because of the interior design and accessories plus the floors were also in black and white motif.  This is where Classic with Style held some special event like new clothing designs.  Lots of different designers in Second Life would like to features their distinctive designs here which they think is a good strategy to market their own products on fashion designs.  Classic with Style black and white stage is a wide flat form that the audiences can see well the models during their runways.  I've noticed also these two frames on both beside of the back stage that features the photo of the CEO of CWS, Ms. Anrol Anthony and CWS super models showing their own different elegant style and fashions. 

third stop - cws dome STAGE

Oh my! What's going on here on blogger?  First this warning keeps popping out in my window while I'm doing this blog with my stage runways.  Also I'm having a problem to insert again a photo :(.  I did refresh my internet connection, clean all the webs but then the last two photos I inserted takes 5 times trials before it was appeared nicely.  At last, it showed my great photo shots of this unique dome stage. 

Here is the dome stage photo of Classic with Style.  It featured here the front view with an amazing runway stage style.  There are three spot of stairways that links to the center stage.  The styles were really great to look at it.  The interior designs were fabulous plus the added feature of these 2 statues comes with glamorous and fashions on interior designs.

Above photo were you can see the audience and the dome stage from the back stage view. The wide arrangement of chairs for visitors and the judges location is on the the right spot.  The lights and the interior accessories added to the beauty of this place.  I am looking forward to see an actual event in the future for this unremarkable design of dome stage runway.

fourth & last stop - cws red runway STAGE

Hoping I will not get any trouble in inserting the last two photos i took.  I need to take a break.  The last 3 pictures for the last stop were not loading :( ....zzzzzz.  After 2 hours of break (I took a nap then take my dinner), finally I uploaded the last few pictures of this incredible design of Classic with Style red runway stage.

The entrance going inside of the red runway were really elegant.  The red carpet on the hallway pleasing for the eyes to walk through.  Pictures on the hallways of Classic with Style models were also featured and they all look amazing and gorgeous.  The design is also very pleasing.  If you want to become one of Classic with Style model achievers, just click their own ads signage that you can see in the entrance to get some information.  

The photo above is the actual front view of the red runway stage.  The surroundings of the stage were really incredible on the arrangement.  The photos around were an added attraction like the Ms. Sacha 2012 which is their present event once a week.  I once became one of their participants up to top 13 only.  Its good that I had the experience on walking of this appealing stage which I'm not expected that I have to personally acknowledge it.  

I took the photo from the back stage view of red runway.  The view from the back stage was very nice and elegant.  The lighting and the design were really fabulous.  The sitting arrangement are also in perfect spot to see the live fashion shows. 

Overall, all the four runways stage of Classic with Style were all in different interior great designs.  The top management of Classic with Style would like to give their best in providing a pleasing place to have a relaxing feeling while watching a fashion show.  To Ms. Anrol Anthony and Mr. McCullough, don't stop in providing these remarkable places.  Your ideas of fashions on Classic with Style through Second Life are very tremendous.  Your love and hard work with Classic with Style is really credible.  I am very grateful that I became part of this institution in Second Life.  The experiences taught by dedicated model trainors of Classic with Style were really beyond of my expectation.  They are very sweet, kind, friendly and accommodating.  I was overwhelmed for the modeling and fashions education that I learned from the guidance of great supermodels trainors of Classic with Style whom I give my credit and sincere thank you to Lisana Rossen,  Tiffani Celestalis, Laylah Lecker, Vicky Bongo and Debbiedoo Tigerfish with the support of Ms. Anrol Anthony and Mr. Steve McCullough.  CONGRATS AND MORE POWER TO CLASSIC WITH STYLE-SIMPLY THE BEST.

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