Monday, October 15, 2012


PRESENTING another spectacular event happen again to CWS-Simply the best who brought these boutilicious contestants of MS. UNIVERSE FINALE CONTENDERS last October 14, 2012 on the stage to show their very best performance and their own magnificent outfits rendition of their representing country.



This awe-inspiring event of Ms. Universe was presented by CWS CEO Ms. Anrol Anthony.  It is really one of the best live shows held at CWS Fahion District stage. As always expected the sim is always full of fanatics to watch this one of a kind live event in SL grid.  The 3 lovely and gorgeous judges are Ms Lillou Merlin who is one of the best creator and designers in SL, Ms. Cristal Triellis also a great designer for beauty perfection and CWS President Mr Steve McCullough.  The powerful musics arranged and prepared by the in house sexy and have a lovely voice CWS Dj Wildrose.  Ms. Anthony provides also a glorious design gown as a giveaway token for those who watch this great event.

Now let’s go to the highlight of this Ms. Universe event.  Seven gorgeous ladies tried their best to get the crown of Ms. Universe title.  These are the seven contenders and their representing country.

 Ms Silkyvv Resident-  Representing United Kingdom

Ms Laci Rossini  - Representing  Japan

Ms Kiralyn Destiny -  Representing  China

Ms Violetagrace Resident -  Representing  USA

Ms Sunrae Suntzu - Representing  France 
I missed to get her closed up photo because she crashed in the middle of my photo shooting. :D

Ms. Liberty Lighthouse - Representing Brazil

Ms. Janet Brink - Represeting Peru

These seven lovely finalists presented in 3 categories.  The first category is in their exotic swimwear with good poses and for their chosen outfit descriptions.  The second part, each finalist showed their talent in a masquerade style theme.  The last is showing their impressive gown representing their chosen country plus they have to be sharp for the question and answer portion. I only got some great photos of some of the contenders since I'm not rezzing that well at the beginning of the show.  Mostly are grays so I missed to see the great outfit of the other four finalists.  Here's some of the photos I took in the middle of this amazing event.

Gorgeous VioletaGrace, Liberty Lighthouse and Janet Brink 
Their unique and exotic swimwear style in the first category.

The second categories, which all of the seven finalists showed their outstanding talent and their very creative performance.  Most of the contestant presented on their dancing talent. It’s like some are mimicking the phantom opera in an elegance ballroom dancing with their supportive dance partner.  Some of the finalists have extraordinary back dropped that added to their great performance.  Here some of their photos doing their magnificent talent.

Ms Silkyvv Resident did a nice dance presentation.

Laci Rossini did a sweet dance ballroom in a masquerade party with her gorgeous partner Mr. CWStiffani.

Kiralyn Destiny also did great ballroom dance performance with her dance partner.

VioletaGrace did a spectacular presentation from great transforming from 4th of July to Liberty outfit. 
She did  two amazing different kinds of dances.

Janet Brink did also an amazing dance performance in a nice back dropped of the phantom opera.

The 3rd and last portion is the question and answer showing their prestigious and very creative gown outfit representing their chosen country.  All did a great prompt and quick response to the question given to each finalist.  Everyone has really their own unique and distinctive own perspective on how they present their own style and they deliver their quick and remarkable answers.  The judges had a hard time to select the best since everyone really stands out on the stage.  Before we go to the winners lets glance with special participation of some of CWS new models on their very energetic and synchronized intermission dance number choreographed by Chevia.  Here's their photo:

The first dance intermission of CWS new models present after the swimwear portion of the 2012 Ms. Universe finalists.  All are wearing the same very nice gown design.

The second dance intermission of the same group which gracefully dance together and wearing different colorful gown.

Now let's go who and what they got from this huge amount of prizes courtesy of CWS CEO Owners Ms. Anrol Anthony and Mr. Steve McCullough.  They were really one of the amazing couple I've seen in SL who really loves to share their fortune to others specially those who really did an incredible performance and really did a great job on their brilliant styling.  Everyone in 2012 Ms. Universe contenders are already winners because all of them really showed their best for all categories.  

All prizes in 2012 Ms. Universe are all guaranteed and giving away more than two hundred thousand lindens.   The winners grab the following position with their corresponding prizes.

Ms Photogenic wins 5000 linden goes to Ms France Sunrae Suntzu
The best creative talent grab 5,000L as winning prize goes to Ms  Janet Brink
6th runner up won 5,000 Linden goes to Ms. Silkyvv Resident - United Kingdom
5th runner up won 5,000 Linden goes to Ms. Sunrae Suntzu - Ms France
4th runner up won 5,000 Linden goes to Ms. Kiralyn Destiny - Ms China
 3rd runner up won 10,000 Linden goes to Ms. Laci Rossin - Ms Japan
2nd runner up won 25,000 Linden -  Ms. Janet Brink - Ms Peru
The 1st Runner Up won 50,000L - Ms. Violetagrace first runner up

And the top prize money in this event is ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND LINDEN DOLLARS (100,000L$)! It will be awarded to the crown winner of the new Ms Universe 2012 and will receive a complete Pageant Jewelry from Alyssa Bijoux. MS. UNIVERSE IS MS LIBERTY LIGHTHOUSE - MS. PERU grab the crown and very shock about what she won but she is honored to win the title. The photo below is their memorable winning position for everyone in 2012 Ms. Universe and you all really did an amazing performance.

 Salute to all of you and you really all did great performance in 2012 Ms. Universe.

The best top 3 of 2012 Ms. Universe are:
Ms. Janet Brink - Ms Peru - 2nd runner up
Ms. Violetagrace Resident - 1st Runner up