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Charleston, one of the best sim in Second Life is celebrating its 3rd year anniversary. In spite of struggles & surviving in a competing Second Life World, Charleston owners Karen Sunshine Emerald Renierd with her supportive partner Jo Renierd & devoted associate Saminash worked hand & hand for the enhancement of Charleston Couture Sim. It's for the superiority benefits of every SL fanatic and adventurous. Perhaps others might think its business but owners don't get anything in return & they look at it in a different way; by providing a preciosity place to socialize. She wanted to reach out by filling other human inner feelings with this unpredictable joy & forgot real life status. What she wanted is to appreciate what she can share to other people live with different races from around the world. Charleston owner’s priority now is to give their members satisfaction & enjoyment rather than personal need. We all know that we enjoy what really makes us achieved our sincere personal goal, feel each individual sincerity & to have own satisfaction. Second life is a magical world full of fantasy, imaginations & remarkable creativity. KarenSunshine is a very strong lady, admirable, idealistic with her unique ideas & she really enjoys both lives in real & in virtual world. Even though this is not real life we should respect each other's feelings. After all we are in Second Life to escape with our turmoil real life sometimes brings us.

 >>> Ms. Karen's supportive partner JO RENIERD & devoted associate SAMINASH <<<


Let us first commemorate a short history of Charleston. It was started in 2010. KarenSunshine Emerald, owner of Charleston with her excellent ideas on how she will go over with her sim.  She provides different excellent & ambiance places to hang out from 2010-2012. She first established Charleston Lace Grand Ballroom, a place to mimic the ambiance & elegance of the South. Next both Belly Up Blues & Rhett's Place, a River Boats replica plying on the Southern States waterways playing vivid music blues in an elegant & luxurious setting. Charleston's Low Country Saloon where you can hear country tunes & dancing along with others. Progressive continues as they brought magnificent Charleston Vintage Jazz & Swing Club where you can dance & enjoy the burlesque shows.  The Egyptian theme built under Elegance Ballroom where music is romantic & varied elegant dancing in a Roman Empire atmosphere. Josephine's Club was established, a 1920's vintage looks and it was name after famous Josephine Baker where you can hear a sensational melodies from 20's-40's era. Around the sim were supported by a various shops where you can find these wonderful & creative haute couture designers. The rest is history that owner finally decided to focus on their spacious classy & enchanting Charleston Lace Grand Ballroom this year of 2013. It provides more striking live events of selected amazing performers & dj's. They also have a variety of special events like pageant contest, fashion shows & live performers. It was held any of these 3 amazing places where you can find Charleston Lace Romance open ballroom, Charleston Dock Street Theater & Charleston Harbor Beach in Charleston Couture Mall. 

Above photos are some of the great momentous hang out before from classy Grand Ballroom to open ballroom Lace Romance to Belly up Blues & Rhett's Place to Low Country Saloon and the refreshing beach side where Ms. Karen rezzed day was held last year with some of her Charleston families & friends. Photo below are the new areas where you can explore, hunt, shop or have a special event like concert, fashion shows or Pageant.
Present & new spacious Grand Ballroom & Dock Street Theater, Lace Romance & Beach Harbour  
>>> Spacious Charleston's Dock Street Theater <<<
Can accommodate more than 100 guest. Good for live concerts, fashion shows & pageant contest.

>>> Charleston Couture Premier Mall in Second Life <<<
Charleston Couture Premier Mall is a perfect sim with complete amenities for your pleasure & relaxation. Full of different great designers vendors like Marianela Arts in Fashion, Sascha's Designs, Styles by Danielle, Always Ecletic Fine Jewerly, Augusta Creations, Tressor Couture, Belladonna Couture, Cleo Couture, Diana Devebec High Society Shoes, Lingerie Boutique, Romano Shop for men & a lot more. It has an open ballroom, theater, park, shopping center, spacious classy Grand ballroom (exclusive for members only), bar, dining area, biking area, open drinking place & a lot more. Feel free to hunt, shop, have a private intimate with your love ones in a refreshing location, or just explore the sim at your convenience.

Thrishia will try her best how she can give you some more effective ways to promote these magnificent singer performers & dj's on Charleston's special occasion. These great singers will join & sing live on Charleston 3rd year anniversary along with other amazing dj's on different spots for 3 consecutive days celebrations. Charleston management would like to give you the best performers of all times in Second Life. Be pampers with live soothing & soulful music's of all times. Charleston's sincere ways to thank all our patronizers for their continued support & we wish you all to stay with us until Charleston's existence. Here are their gorgeous & beautiful photos with their short biography to know who they are in alphabetical order. At the very bottom is the 3rd Year Anniversary Schedules on November 15-17, 2013 from 10 am to 12 midnight & other special events like fashion show, pageant contest, concert & art gallery festival. Please mark your calendar, come & celebrate with us.

** Singer performers short biography with their photo in alphabetical order **

Altum Neox, a gorgeous Second Life singer. He is an Italian native, Mauro Morini in real life. He loves music since at the age of 7. He plays instrumental music like clarinet, piano & saxophone. He joined band where he found his passion to music along with his real life friend until they work together to transmit their success musical arrangement into web radio. By a chance, he found Second Life which he thinks has a potential to share their web radio stream together. He became a DJ from different great venues in SL. Nuriah Laville, a veteran SL singer recognized Altum's vocal talent & invited him to start this new singing adventure. Since then he never stop singing & continue to satisfy his audience with his great performance as an artist to touch their inner soul through his soothing voice.

Jade Ovis, Giada Gaetano  in real life who is from Italy. She is a prima donna artist in real life where she start her career acting in theater at the age of 20 & works as theatrical artist for 15 years in Rome. Went back to her native home & found this virtual world through her friends while she is in grieving moment. She found joy, happiness & meet a lot of amazing friends in Second Life. She met Altum Neox who gave her moral support to fight & move on. They meet in real life to find they have the same likes & passions in music. She is very glad  & thankful to him to work as a team duo singer in Second Life. She has a powerful voice that captivates her audience where she got this skill from her theatrical experienced.

Both singers are working together as back to back singer on every performance they have until now. They always have an amazing versatile talent to wow the audience. Come & see their live concert. You will surely love their great live performance.

CHANDRA DEED - for her "Music straight from the heart" - SOULFUL ARTIST
Chandra Deed, being born in the South gave her country roots, but traveling with dance bands gave her that funky soul.  Her music will either bring back a memory or hopefully help create a new one, by singing songs from 60's to 90's until current - from Pop to R&B, Rock to Country & Romantic Ballads to Dance.  She is a seasoned entertainer, who sings regularly in the Windy City of Chicago. Since age three, she has been performing in front of audiences and shows. There's no sign of slowing down.  The only real way to describe her style is to say it is "Music....straight from the heart."  Come spend an intimate encounter with Chandra Deed, kick back and be transported through time with some of the all time greatest hits.

Do you have a taste for classic songs sung in the inimitable style of Ol' Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra?  Looking for a singer with a Jazzy, Swingy, and Bluesy sound?  If so, then you'll want to catch the next Cranston Yordstorm performance. Cranston is an actor in real life, performing at venues from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean & across the United States of America. He is performing in a straight plays as being a seasoned musical theater performer. Anchored in a Blues and Jazz framework, he will entertain everyone from his wide variety of musical styles & genres from Sinatra and Darin, to Elton John, Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, and Elvis Presley. Cranston Yordstorm is a great performer not to be missed. Watch & enjoy his live performance.

For Bookings contact him directly or his wife, Taylee Helix.
Want to see some samples?  Check out his youtube page.

Dani Plassitz is one of the great singer & designer haute couture in SL. Sweet and very accommodating. Her live concerts are not to be missed. She sings an eclectic mix of classic & contemporary songs from Doris Day to Evanescence. During her shows Dani loves to sing your requests so check out her song list and choose your favorite tune. Her concerts contain both fast and slow romantic songs, so there is something for everyone. Dani's emotional voice will carry you along with her songs, time will be forgotten & whether you sing along, dance, cry, remember good times or just listen, you will never forget her concerts. It is a good experience to be with her fantastic live performance.

You can subscribe to Dani Plassitz on Facebook:
Her fabulous clothing styles blog/photos for her Styles by Danielle or visit her store inworld:

Respectable Dilah Halostar is a multi talented artist since age 7. She can play both instrument like piano or flute while singing. She is a prima donna in real life that is very passionate in theatrical. In Second Life, she had been singing for more than 5 years. Her special gift of having this natural voice & improvised her own version of different tunes of all times will surely pamper her fanatics. She is well verse on most type of music's from standard blues to jazz, rock to country and a lot more. Name it & she will give you the best live unique performance. She had a lot of achievements as an active artist in real life as well as in Second Life. Her own original music version & collaboration will be shown on her marvelous live concert. Her live concert is a must to see.

Khiron Ametza is from Greece who started working as crooner at celebrations, festivals & balls in real life. A back up vocal to some famous artists in her country & performed in Japan in the late 90s. She was gifted with strong & emotional sweet voice that she loves to share to others as an artist. She is dedicated singer for 4 years in Second Life. This is a complement for being an artist for 2 decades & since at the very young age. Never missed her excellent performance as she will let you fall in love with her soft soothing voice & will pamper your inner soul. She has a wide range of voice from bass to high notes on all kinds of music genres. She sings different rhythms as Jazz, Bossa Nova, Romantic 70s to 90s, Progressive Rock, Discotheque  some Country, Rock 'n Roll, tributes like Beatles, Carpenters, Pink Floyd & others. Watch her outstanding shows that magnetized listeners from all over the world.

For bookings, please contact KHIRON AMETZA, Notecard, IM or email:
Khiron's website:
 ** Join Khiron Ametza's Fans & Friends SL group or Subscribe O-Matic & stay up to date on her shows. 

Lucky Chiung grew up in a family with music all around her younger years in Netherlands. Her talented parents passed their legacy to their 11 children. Their parents taught them to sing and play the guitar at an early age. Together with her siblings, they began to sing when they were very young.  She is one of the Lucky girl who possessed this magnificent singing talent came from her own roots. She started in the family church choir then joined band. Now she is a great skilled performer that can sing a variety of music genres. Singing is her love of passions. You will surely enjoy her dearly performance. Come, watch & enjoy her live show. You will surely pamper. It is a must to see her live concert.

Maxx Sabretooth music career began in Oklahoma at the age of 8 when he picked up his first trumpet. He played in a variety of hometown in Jazz/Dance Bands through the years & performed in a wide variety of real life venues, as well as doing solo performances. Maxx began singing while helping another band member & turned strictly to be their vocalist.  Since then he hasn't stopped! You can hear & feel Maxx's love of music in every note he sings. He came to SL in February 2009. He starts singing in late April & quickly become one of the most desired performers in SL.  Maxx Sabretooth sings a variety of styles specializing in R&B, Soul, Country, Pop, Lite Rock, Jazz, Motown as well as Contemporary Country.  Maxx will bring you familiar songs in his own bluesy voice & will leave you wanting more!  His live great performance is a must to see and not to be missed.

For Bookings: contact Maxx Sabretooth, Sandyc6569 Beebe or Candy Kane for bookings. 
Maxx Sabretooth TRAX Listening Booth:           

Riendra Taselian (Ree-end-rah Tah-sell-ee-an) started singing & entertaining from birth, or very shortly afterward. Family & friends will remember being entertained by impromptu skits & renditions of TV commercials and show theme songs. She is immortalized in family movies! The elementary school music teacher recognized her talent. While requiring everyone to sing a solo every year, this young lady would do so at the drop of a hat. While others sang a verse of 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat', she always sang along with an entire top 40 tune. Now Riendra turns her talents to the music venues of Second Life. She presents a wide variety of music from Diana Krall to Nickelback to Shania Twain to Billy Joel. Her slightly off-center personality and eclectic music tastes, along with a large dollop of talent, will entertain, fascinate and surprise you in turn. Come & join her fabulous extra ordinary performance from a simple teacher turns into an excellent artist to serenade you with her soothing voice.

Savannah Coronet-Jacques is a teacher by profession in real life. She is busy on both real life & virtual world. She is well raised by her loving parents & was born in Texas South Carolina. She grew up listening to sweet Country & Southern Rock music. She started singing in her early teens covering Patsy Cline tunes for school functions & festivals. Her existence in Second Life in the year 2008 is an opportunity for her to share her singing talent. Since then as an artist by heart she became live performer in Second Life in the same year. She covers lots of tunes from different genres but her heart & soul is COUNTRY MUSIC.  She is a veteran entertainer in real life & in SL for five years. Come & watch her amazing live performance as tribute to Patsy Cline starring Savannah Coronet! She'll tell you the story behind the songs & bring Patsy back to life with her eternal voice. If you ever experienced Faded Love or were Crazy for loving someone...the songs will touch your heart. You will surely entails & love her great performance.

*For Bookings: contact her manager Jac Jacques*
* - Country Strong & Stubborn

Balladeer Christensen aka "theballadeer" is a real life singer. He belongs to a big family from Maryland, 16 children but they were raised very well by their loving parents. He reared in a Gospel music environment by his father. He is an active singer at an early age. Perform & recognized his talent where he spread his love through music from Italy & Rome during his teens. Broadcasting graduate in real life & became dj from different radio stations. His music tackles from classic country to gospel yet versatile in song styling. He also a theatrical & TV actor in real life & performs from different great productions. His talent in acting was recognized & respected until now. He is into recording his solo project & active participants where he auditions from different popular American TV such as "The X Factor" & "The voice". To show case his real credentials & applied it in a virtual world, he brought his talent in Second Life on December 9, 2010. A magnificent & flexible artist performer that a must to see. He will bring you to a magical world of romantic music with his perfect voice. Come, watch & listen to his great performance.

*For bookings: contact: contact his real partner manager Charltina Christensen
*Youtube samples :

Trav McCullough is very passionate about music. He possesses a powerful, rich voice, loves a song that plays with your emotions and touches your inner feelings. Trav started singing when he was in his teens, singing gospel music in his church. These days, while he still loves gospel, he also loves to sing pop, light rock and country. He loves the music of Josh Groban, Neil Diamond, Chris Isaak and Il Divo. If you like music that touches your heart, you’re sure to enjoy Trav’s music. He entered Second Life on February 21, 2008 to share his magnificent performance to his fanatics. A great veteran artist in SL. Somehow he fills everyone feelings with touch of emotions on how to appreciate this wonderful imaginations.  To hear is to believe, come & join his mesmerizing live performance. He will surely captivate you with his passion in music & with his "goose bumps" voice. This is an event not to be missed.

Calendar of Events:
*For bookings: contact Mr. Trav McCullough or Clarice Karu - s lustrous SL singer too

** Dj's performer short biography with photo in alphabetical order **

Chick Mistwalker known as DJ Cream was born on Second Life on June 21, 2010. She enjoys playing all types of music genres to let her fanatics sway and dance. She loves to share her sense of humor through her dramatic dialogue and makes people laugh. She has been dj in Sl for 3 years. She is happily married to Moani Namori known as Coffee. They have a good combination as Coffee and Cream. They both love to raise & breed horse to their wide ranch full of different beautiful horses. Come & join her set as she will amaze you with her fantastic groovy music collections.

Dj Dazzle has been djing since 2006. Making it possible he brings sunshine to your ears. He has all eras & styles of music.  Nothing is impossible & all that is a bit harder it just takes 30 sec is his first love. He played in lot of beautiful venues in Second Life. Dj Dazzle is outgoing, a bit of a comedian, and an entertainer but can be serious when needed. He will fill your ears with great tunes of all decades. Come & be fascinated with his music's. 

DJ MANDALA (dr90210) is a sweet gorgeous guy. He is Mexican native & lives in Mazatlan Sinaloa. He is a disk jockey by heart in real life for the past 5 years. In Second Life, he was born on June 26, 2011. He is happily married to Susan de Mandala, a clothes designer in SL. Since the beginning of his existence in SL, he started working as dj since this is his real work & been djing for 2 years. He played all kinds of rhythms. He is playing from different magnificent venues in SL. He accepts request and he is for hire for some private occasions. He will be happy to see you on his set and will serenade with his great music collections.

Dj Stan is very much taken and loved. He's in love with his beautiful partner Ella who is very supportive with his career as one of the best dj in Second Life! He had been djing for 2 years & playing a lot of kinds of music genres from all decades. He's fan to be with & has a very soft voice. He will be delighted to see everyone during his live djing at most respected & enchanting venues in SL. Come & join him with his wonderful set.

DJ Subrina Barefoot Coignet is a beautiful Native American Indian with strong character. She was born in Second Life on September 20, 2010. She is very passionate about her works as host, dj and model plus she is taking care of other tasks. In spite of real life struggling with her family, she still cope with the difference from real life to SL & tried her best to comply with all works given to her. Content & happily married with her SL & real life partner Richard Coignet. She finished her modeling Master's degree at Classic with Style University & Advance modeling graduate at Audace. She had a multi task in SL as GM of Charleston Lace Grand Ballroom aside from being Southern Style Modeling Agency co-owner & instructor, photographer & doing some magazine scrap book & calendar by order request if you want to see her magnificent collage samples & collections. As a dj, she plays different kind of music styles of all times to suits audience music taste. She will be delighted to play soothing tunes for everyone's comfort & relaxation.

DJ Thrishia is a simple, sweet & kind lady. She is very down to earth & loves to gallivant with her real friends. BS major in Business Administration graduate in real life, took nursing as a second course but she didn't finish because of real life conflicts but she does took other short courses in secretarial & Japanese basic language. She had knowledge & skills on planning & construction building & a part time realty agent. One day, a long lost friend invited & even open an account in Second Life which according to him is better than her other game. Thrishia never thinks that SL could offer a lot of opportunities that she never does in real life. She is eager to learn & became active host. She also studied & finished modeling masteral & advance courses at Classic with Style University through encouragement of her SL sister Yuna. Now she is an active & certified SL model. She tried another adventure in djing through encouragement of another friend Paul Scots who owns a stream. Since she loves most meaningful romantic songs, she started djing career last February 2013. At this time she had mixed collections of different music genres from jazz to romance to disco to techno & ready to take request or dedications. She'll be happy to share her soothing romantic tunes to everyone at your comfort, pleasure & relaxation. Come & listen to her magnificent romantic music collections.

DJ Wanda in real life is a digital artist for many years since she was able to hold a paint brush or a camera. She produced portraits & realistic artworks in real life. She is fond of creating beautiful digital arts for many years. She entered Second Life virtual world five years ago. She started working as a host aside from being SL photographer but need to quit as host because she developed a carpal tunnel syndrome. She switched her SL career to a DJ & enjoys every minute of it & became active on this new adventure.  Music becomes an obsession for her as she really loves playing great soothing music collections for her fanatics. She wants her guest to enjoy her tunes same as she is enjoying her artworks making.  She is a regular & versatile dj who had a lot of music collection in SL for more than a year after her real life turmoil health changes. She will be happy to play for everyone to make you relax at your own convenience time & place in real life with an ambiance romantic setting & music's.


>>>  FIRDAY Nov. 15, 2013  <<<
10-11      Perfect Duo Singers ALTUM & JADE
11-2        Dj STAN
2-3          Singer CHANDRA DEED
3-4          Singer DILAH HALOSTAR        
4-6          Dj STAN
6-7          Dj WANDA
7-8          Singer THE BALLADEER
8-10        Dj CREAM

>>>  SATURDAY. Nov. 16, 2013  <<<
12-1        Perfect duo ALTUM & JADE singers
1-3          DJ MANDALA
3-4          Dj  SUBRINA    
4-5          Singer  KHIRON ALMETZA      
5-6          Dj   WANDA
6-7          Singer MAXX SABRETOOTH
7-8          DJ  WANDA
9-10        Singer   TRAV McCULLOUGH
10-12      Dj DAZZLE

>>>  SUNDAY Nov. 17, 2013  <<<
10-11      Dj DAZZLE
11-12      Singer   DANI PLASSITZ          
12-1        Singer LUCKY CHIUNG
1-5          Dj STAN
5-6          Singer   CRANSTON YORDSTORM
6-7          Singer     RIENDRA TASELIAN
7-8          Singer     MAXX SABRETOOTH
8-10        Dj CREAM


You are all invited to watch all these fabulous 20 beautiful ladies to show case their style and glamour on the style they choose per category on casual, swim wear and formal. Huge prizes at stake. Owners will give away 35,000 lindens as cash prize aside from gifts from different haute couture designers of Charleston Couture. This is one of the highlights for Charleston anniversary celebrations. Judges will choose top finalist to compete on the final coronation. Cash prizes are: Charleston Belle ~ 20,000L, for Runner Up ~ 10,000L and for Third Place ~ 5,000L plus more gifts from Charleston's haute couture designers.

>>> NOVEMBER 14 @ 6-7 PM LIVE CONCERT <<< 
6-7 pm live musician JEAN MUNRO @ Dock Street Theater
Jean Munro is a professional vocalist & keyboard player who performs classic & new jazz tunes & throws in some music from all genres, from rock to classical.  She has her BA in Music/Performance & uses her skills as a music director on the East Coast training choirs for worship. She will be performing at Dock Street Theatre on Nov. 20 @ 6 pm SLT. It is a must to see her exquisite performance.

Charleston continued celebration by giving you a fantabulous fashion show. They will feature 2 of their great haute designers in Charleston Couture on clothes & jewelries. In cooperation of Augusta Creations owned & designer Augusta Fride & Always Eclectic fine jewelry owned by Riendra Taslian who both will show case their magnificent fads, unique style & great design creations at Charleston's Dock Street Theater.

Charleston's Autumn Art Festival has a daily line up of live performers and dj's from Novemeber 9-23. You will see a lot of Arts exhibit of different artist. This is open for public viewing to see their magnificent works & to watch their show cases.

Charleston Lace Premier shopping Autumn Arts 
Sidewalk Sale of different great designers styles from head to toe. Please do shop or explore at you convenience time.

Charleston Couture Premier Shopping Mall

Charleston Lace Grand Ballroom - main entrance - entrance 2 

Charleston Lace Romance

Dock Street Theater ~ Charleston

Thank you for taking your time reading my blog. Please free to comment :)). Have a wonderful day/night to everyone. xoxo!