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FASHIONS MOMENTOUS OF 5 GREAT & TALENTED DESIGNERS @CHARLESTON'S 4TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS.... this is not the end but its just the beginning of the NEW CHARLESTON. A simple way of thanking Charleston's supporters, friends & families plus a little token of memories to everyone. More pictures & some details below.

It was held last November 16, 2014 as part of Charleston's anniversary celebrations at Charleston Romance open ballroom. It was another great live fashion show in SL were the models presented their owned & inspiring style on the outfits given to them by our magnificent designers in Second Life. These are just some of their fantastic designed. Before that lets have a short history of Charleston.

Lets have a precise Charleston memories... this is another mile stone for our lovely owner Ms. Karensunshine Emerald Renierd for keeping her amazing Charleston Couture Premier Mall as one of the best grid in Second Life celebrating its 4th year anniversary providing wonderful events. Ms. Karensunshine is a fighter, a very stong woman, idealistic on her unique ideas in spite of her health issues but she tried to be sure that everything is organized with her wonderful well supportive partner Mr. Jo Renierd and CMS (Charleston Management & Staff).

Charleston started in 2010 with several clubs such as Belly Up Blues, Rhett's Place, Low Country Saloon, Vintage Jazz & Swing, Elegance Ballroom, Josephine's Club until she focused on her very spacious & elegant Charleston Lace Grand Ballroom. It caters live events of great singer performers & djs that serving exclusively for the Grand VIP members' relaxation & enjoyment privately for their dance, music & dine pleasure.

She retained her Charleston Lace Romance for the public to enjoy the refreshing breeze of this open ballroom that anyone can use at their convenience. Another amazing place that cater special events like fashion shows, pageants, live performers show of singers and group dancers in our refined Charleston's Dock St. Theater with astounding interiors & unique texture.

In the field of fashion show history at Charleston.  Charleston started having this colorful and featuring the innovative styles haute couture of amazing designers in SL way back in the year 2012 and the rest was history that made a lot of wonderful fashion shows. Yet in spite of the competitions in SL, Charleston is still alive and kicking & trying its best. Wishing that it will stay longer and providing good service to all SL fanatics yet we have to give everyone their best choice for their owned good SL. Ms. Karensunshine as one of the blooming designer is also well supported by friends & great designers like Marianela Beaumont, Sascha Frangilli, Dani Plassitz, AbbyRose Abbot, Sapphire Teebrook, Cleopatra Xigalia, Augusta Fride & a lot more that you can find their amazing haute couture shops branches here at Charleston Couture Premier Mall though everything have limitation & a borderline.

Now lets focus on our theme, "Thanks for the Memories Fashion Show Anniversary Celebration". Charleston's owners put together these five (5) great designers to work together to have a magnificent event and to give some latest fad on fashions and styles in just a short preparation. For less than a week organizing & preparation by Ms. Thrishia Denver with the help of our dedicated models, talented designers & lovely owners.

These designers innovative inspiration will surely capture your imagination on their quality & incredible craftsmanship. We hope that you will enjoy staring with these fabulous creations. The line up featured per designer collections so watch & look for your favorite, run at their store & grab their latest fab haute couture designs!

Charleston's models were very glad to present the works of these five designers and very thankful for their full pledge of being our fashion show sponsors. These are the owners & designers of their prestigious known brands; Ms. Dani Plassitz of Styles by Danielle, Ms Karensunshine Emerald Renierd of Tresor Couture, Ms. Marianela Beaumont of Marianela's Art in Fashion, Ms. Sapphire Teebrook of Glitterari & Ms. Sascha Frangilli of Sascha's Designs. With designers short bio, SL main branch & random short bio of inspired & dedicated models for their assigned outfit on finale.



Our first designer to feature her collections is none other than Ms. Dani Plassitz. She is a singer other than a well-known fashion designer in Second Life. She's a fashion diva that you will not be missed her wonderful live concerts. She sings of eclectic mixed of classic & contemporary songs. You will be carried away with her sweet voice. Please do catch her live concert performance in selected SL venues. She is also one of the great haute couture designers with amazing ideas & unique on her styles and designs. She is the exclusive owner and designer of Styles by Danielle. You will find a lot of her amazing latest fab & visit her store for anniversary treat to her fanatics or find it at market place. In world SL main branch;

Our models were here to present the admiring collections of Ms. Dani Plassitz & enjoy these high class designs on casual and formal outfit. Here's our models with chosen outfit by our lovely designer Ms. Dani.

Ellie Polka Bordeaux~Styles by Danielle
Admirable Piea on her refreshing rigged mesh Danielle's Ellie Polka Bordeaux. A very fine polka dot print texture on her casual dress outfit. It comes with 5 sizes. It includes tintable but optional undershirt & different alphas for your convenience. It is available in eleven colors & three texture variations. 

Chloe Green~Styles by Danielle

Glaring Zee Zee on her awesome Chloe Green rigged mesh semi formal dress.  Accent by hemline silky ruffled asymmetric with sequined fabric. Different alphas included for buyer's convenience. This is perfect for your romantic evening outfit.

Zee Zee's short bio known as Zexxxy Xaris. A Canadian girl & was rezzed on April 4th 2009. She is a graduate from Audace Academy, also a graduate from Simplicity Academy where she was a valedictorian in class of August 2014. She was motivated to become a model by a close friend. Zee Zee is an accomplished builder, scripter and photographer. Her goal is to continue to work diligently as an aspiring model and reach for the top.

Lorena Taupe~Styles by Danielle 
Dazzling Lin Carlucci is in a chic bold classic Danielle's Lorena Taupe long dress. A non mesh outfit that comes with flexi skirt, an opera authentic gloves with bow style. An added attraction is the tiny cross straps of this fashionable dress. A must to have to a beautiful lady.

Christabel Sky~Styles by Danielle 
Beautiful Allie is wearing the revealing sexy yet elegant Danielle's Christabel Sky. A smooth satin & adorned with gemstones that can wear with or without flurry fur. Its modifiable with skirt resizer. Dashing with seven colors choices.

Juliet Silver~Styles by Danielle

Darlene is wearing a Juliet in Silver. It is a wonderful gown reminiscent of days gone by with its bolero style bodice with cap sleeves and sweetheart neckline, to a form fitting skirt that opens up just above the knee, perfect for ballroom dancing. Finishing touches of elegance include opera length gloves topped with ruffles matching the jacket.

Vera Black~Styles by Danielle
A beautiful & elegant flowing Vera Black gown is worn by Thrishia Denver. It is a formal strapless gown with coquettish lacey border texture on tops and gloves. It has a transparent skirt that protects from alpha effect & a pearls knot w/2 choices. Grab your favorite colors in white, sun, sky and pink aside from this amazing black.



Our next amazing and blooming designer is Ms. Karensunshine Emerald Renierd. The lovely owner of Charleston Couture Premier Mall & also owner designer of Tresor Couture. She distinctively gave an approaching sense of beauty & quality on her haute couture fabulous designs in which she integrated the new technology of her new found career as designer. It resemblance her artistic ideas through cut, style & design.

Karensunshine aka Karen is shining like a star on her latest chosen field to become one of the great designer in SL. Improving more and sharpening her stunning collage templates on her clothing frame works.  It shows on her latest designs released. Let us look with her new catchy, edgy cut style, fabulous, vibrant & great designs. A must to have in your inventory. SL in world present main branch,

Here's our chic and fab models on Tresor's latest editions & collections.

Tresor Couture~Dazzle in Blue
Be hypnotize with the beauty of Allie on her endearing Tresor's Dazzle in Blue semi formal dress. It comes with 5 sizes and a matching charming necklace & gloves.  She looks totally gorgeous and ready to find her soul mate at Charleston Grand Ballroom.

Allie Hamilton's short bio. AllieAngelica rezzed into second life 11/10/2013. A credible & dedicated model who earned her advanced modeling degree in July 2014. Allie now is the driver behind Unique Visions and works with designers to create a fresh view of their work, showcasing it to bring a renewed interest. This is her new blog site;

Trezor Couture~Dazzle in Red 
Adorable Piea with her radiant Dazzle Red mesh dress from Tresor Couture with 5 sizez. Plunging neckline mezmerize her inner beauty.  The added gloves & matching necklace accessory gives the elegant look that comes with the package. Be ready on your shopping list here at Charleston Couture.

Tresor Couture~Tah Blue

Dazzling Darlene with her elegant light Tah Blue gown. It features a drop shoulder neckline with one cap sleeve, a partial peplum waist front accent leading to the cascading bow accent at the hip. Elegant opera length gloves complete the evening look.

Tresor Couture~Cocktail Hour 
Sassy Lin looks fabulous with her Tresor Cocktail Hour dress. It shows a joyful, playful and special elegant is this black cocktail dress. This sexy dress has a sense of passion in style. She is ready & cant wait till cocktail hour is there to wear it!

Tresor Couture~Seduction Blue
Adorable Thrishia feels sassy with her Seduction Blue long dress from Tresor. The captivating plunging top with refreshing backless capture her perfect curvaceous. She looks fab yet elegant on her total outfit. A must to have in your shopping list.

Tresor Couture~Zuri Elegance Silver Black 
Beautiful Zee on her amazing Tresor's Zuri Elegance Silver Black formal gown.  She felt sensation yet with the elegant Elegance Silver Black formal gown. Accented with black upper arm sleves, black flowers at waist line and sleeve length gloves. This is sure to remain an eye catcher with your evening date.


Let us know a little about the designer & founder of Marianela's Art in Fashion. She is non other than sweet & beautiful Marianela Beaumont from Italy & been in SL for 7 years. She makes of distinctive style with great texture yet elegant gowns. Her haute couture is one of the top of the line in fashion.  Her passion on style and design shows on her creativity.

Her beauty lays on her inner & outer character who is simple yet a very sweet Italian lady. She loves to dress elegantly. She believes that "a rainbow of naivety, audacity, elegance and glamour is the foundation to make her dream designs come to her SL". With technique, art and passion, her inspiration is turned into a formal and fantasy gowns. Now she is doing a great twist on her design field as she is adding a new line & fantastic collections on her latest release.  This defines Marianela's style. Sl in world main branch,

Here's our amazing models on their own distinctive styles. And do enjoy glimpse these wonderful new collections of Marianela Beaumont. Add these all in your shopping list.

Marianela's Gywneth White 
You can't but help to take a second look as Allie passes in this lovely white Gwyneth White gown by Marianela Beaumont. Capturing the essence of spring time affair, this gown's sheer layers move nicely whether dancing or socializing. Paired with beautiful accessories accentuate the beauty of this dress.

Marianela's Ingaunia Silver 
Piea, looks stunning in this new fashion forward couture gown from Marianela's Art in Fashion.  The silver form fitting top gives just the right hint of skin, as the bottom flows softly behind her.  Piea says this Ingaunia Silver gown is very up to date in the fashion world and every woman should run to get this.

Marianela's Malena Sunset 
Lovely Darlene on her gorgeous Marianela's Sunset gown is layers of sheer floral elegance with a simple yet solid bodysuit base.  It has a whispy sheer jacket that can be worn with or without the gown, and gloves and sandals to complete this tropical masterpiece. Its a must to have.

Marianela's Great Wave H. Katshushika
Dazzling Lin with her painting inspired "Great Wave" H. Katshushika created by Marianela Beaumont nicely forms were fit on her perfect curvaceous with the sheer fabric capturing the essence of the moment. Just as if dancing on water, this design makes you feel the ocean breeze and the colors soothing. Your dance partner will find it hard to end this dance in a ball.

Lin Carlucci is in RL a classic painter specialized in portrait painting. Entering SL was a new opportunity to show her work in a virtual gallery.  She is Super Model, photographer, creator of skins & shapes , outfits and much more. Her accomplishments are graduated & doctorate at CWS in modeling.  Model at  Audace, Southern Style modeling Agency & Charleston.

Marianela's Moulin Rouge
Alluring Thrishia worn a vibrant Mouling Rough red gown. The exquisite design is very artistic. It has 2 choices on coquettish lacey tops. The skirt flowing like a wave with a perfect cut & style to see those smooth long legged of Thishia. Accentuated with ribbon on her hips.

Marianela's Ancient Sound
Effervescent Zee Zee is sporting the Ancient Sound patterned revealing dress. Coordinated sparkling bracelets are included with this eye catching afternoon social sensation. A sensation outfit that should be in your shopping list.


Sapphire Teebrook is the beautiful lady behind this Glitterati by Sapphire haute couture designs. She's been in SL for over 7 years & one of the great SL designer as well. She is sweet, kind & easy to approach. She is the founder and designer that capture the inner beauty of every Glitterati enthusiast in SL.

Her creations are not limited to her exotic outfits but she also makes stunning  jewelries that matches to  most of her glamorous designs. She is very kind to give a quality couture products that completely satisfy her buyers. She will respond quickly for any problems that you may encounter with your purchased. You will find all her great creations in her SL in world main branch;

Here's our lovely models to present the latest style haute couture designs of Ms. Sapphire Teebrook.

Anjolie Red~Glitterati by Sapphire
Ready for a night out on the town in this classy Red Anjollie Mini Dress with Jacket by Glitterati. Paired nicely with and inner bustier that comes with the outfit and Christy Thigh High Boots brings the entire outfit together. The attention to detail and color textures used with the added stones to the jacket make this a must have outfit for your wardrobe.

Aaliah Blush~Glitterati by Sapphire
Can-Can anyone?  Piea sure can!  In this beautiful black lace and breath taking chiffon pink Aaliah Blush gown, she felt like a princess. The silky texture is smoothly flows her shining skirt. This timeless looks brings any woman of any size to a fantasy world. One of Sapphire Teebrook creative that inspire softness your heart.

Chandni Saree Brick~Glitterati by Sapphire
Darling Darlene wearing a coquettish Chandni Saree Brick from Glitterati by Sapphire. This is an elegant yet simple Sari in a 2 piece style with a traditional print.  It features a woven wrap with ample coverage and a beautifully brilliant bindi to complete this exotic outfit.

Angie Turquoise~Glitterati by Sapphire
Beautiful Lin wearing brilliant Angie Turquoise from the creations of Glitterati of Sapphire. She felt that flowers scent were everywhere yet with soft pastels and swaying flowing skirt. This stunning gown is a very cheerful yet elegant dress in turquoise. She felt like she's a in a mystical garden. A must to have in your shopping list.

Ash Gold~Glitterati by Sapphire

A vintage Ash Gold designed by Sapphire Teebrook is worn by Thrishia Denver.  The unique twisted ruffles strap added an attraction on the style. It fits her perfect curves on her top with matching flowing skirt. She looks marvelous with a sense of femininity. She felt like a rich princess & a treasure to kept on her vault. Who wants to buy some antique gold?

Thishia Denver short bio. She never expected to have a bright opportunity in SL that gave her a busy SL yet she enjoys everything & learning to adopt the new techies. She is well diversified & dedicated on all SL aspects. She's a credible model graduated in basic & advance @CWS modeling school (Classic W/Style), host, dj, fashion show coordinator on special occasion & a blogger. Thrishia's been the fashion coordinator since 2012 in Charleston & joined lots of SL fashion shows & few pageant contest such as SF Design (top 2), Sascha & others. Her blog link experience on modeling & some fashion shows she attended @

Urvashi Lehenga~Glitterati by Sapphire
Sparking Zee Zee is now showcasing the Urvashi Pink oriental gown with headpiece. The designers talent is reflected in the regal pattern over the shoulder and drop vee open top. Coordinated choker and shear pattered over the shoulder sash will enhance the oriental style conscious ladies.


It's been 8 years for Ms. Sascha Frangilli in SL providing quality haute designs.  She was still young, naive and was once totally newbie but then she is very adventurous and found her love of creations in making remarkable outfits.  Sascha Designs was born out of her dedications and forte on gown designing.

She's been one of the greatest designer & well known in SL fashion lime light creating submissive craftsmanships. Sascha's Designs has won the Avi Choice Award for Favorite Women's Apparel 2011.  She did an amazing and gorgeous designs of ballroom gowns, cocktail dresses, accessories and classy casual wear. For her, she will try to be as generous as she can to all but she only ask that in return you be kind and generous to others. Sascha would like to treat her staff and her with respect & kindness and they will treat you likewise and even better service! Find her amazing collections at her main SL in world branch;

Lets us look at Ms. Sascha Frangilli's artistic work of design that will satisfy her fanatics who wants to be in the limelight of astounding fashion styles. Our adorable models will show case her new & latest fashion collections.

SAS Bodacious Red
An enchanted night would not be complete without this Bodacious gown by Sacha. The color texture is brilliant with a red and black sparkled affect. The layers of the long flexi skirt and train create a breath taking entrance as it nicely flows behind. Allie is ready to be swept off her feet.

SAS Jesa White
Radiant Piea on her elegant SAS Jes White gown & is off to Charleston Grand Lace Ballroom to Celebrate the 4th year anniversary. She wore a sassy & fab lacey texture on tops.  The fluppy skirt can design into 3 amazing formal styles. It gives a bodacious looks. She will be the Bell of the Ball.

Piea's been in SL for 3 years. A certified model, graduated at Capri Modeling Academy and MBMA, Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy & presently student at MVW.  She is a live model for Evolve, runway model for Audace, Charleston & other modeling agencies. She's been in several fashion shows in SL. She is adventurous, well determined on all task given to her, a team player & ready to grasp new learning's on modeling.

SAS Trocadero Snowflake 
This icy gown has a form fitting tank-kini style body under a large sweeping multi layer of skirts.  It has Opera length gloves to match the body. But the piece de ristance is the radiant snowflake headpiece that will make you an instant show stopper at any winter ball.

Darlene Snowbear has worked as a print  model for Beach Bunny Magazine, Apple & Cinnamon, Crayon Designs, Mohican Sun Designs, Greta's Couture, and poster model for The Kinky Easter Egg Hunt in 2011, a top 10 contestant in the CWS Queen of Mardigras. Darlene has worked as a runway model for Rodeo Drive Department Store, Crayon Designs and Black Pearl store model, and a current model and manager for Greta's Couture. Darlene has also modeled for various sl photographers such as Graham Collinson, Jocilyn Correia, Midnight Shinja, and Annabella Emodemon.

SAS Viper Gold
Sophisticated Lin with her super feminine, gorgeous gown ........ oh yes ........ we all would love asking her to dance the lady in black ... tide gown with golden illustration and flexi skirt created by Sascha.

SAS Robyn Purple
Captivating Thrishia is wering gorgeous SAS Robyn Purple formal gown. It has multifaceted & unique style that can be worn into different style. Well inspired texture. She looks sophisticated mermaid with matching flowing sassy sweeper flexi skirt. It comes with 5 mesh skirt sizes. The accentuated of attractive deco bolero gives warm and protection yet looks chic & sassy. It’s a must to have on your shopping list.

SAS Lazuria Black
Adorable Zee Zee is modeling the Luxuria Black formal gown. Accented white/grey upper body vest and a black fur boa. Full sleeve length black gloves complete this ensemble to please the now in fashion lady out for the evening.

We hope you enjoy looking at those glorious and sumptuous style and designs from our 5 SL talented designers. Please do watch out for our upcoming another special events at Charleston. For the meantime we'll be having a short break as the new Charleston is under renovation and relocation but we would like to invite everyone for our upcoming Christmas party on December 20 & New Year's Marked Ball on December 31st. We might have another great fashion show to come only from time to time or by occasion only. Have a glimpse of what's the look of the new Charleston. HAPPY HOLIDAYS IN ADVANCE TO ALL SL FANATICS, READERS & BLOGGERS FROM CMS (Charleston Management & Staff), GRAND VIPs, friends  & family.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


HAPPY 4TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO CHARLESTON ENTERPRISES! BEST WISHES & MORE POWER IN THE YEARS TO COME. Charleston owners Ms. Karensunshine Emerald & Mr. Jo Renierd plus their CMS (Charleston Management & Staff) would like to thank all our supporters in spite of tight competitions in SL among clubs but Charleston is still one of the best grid in SL for music, dance, shopping or just purely explorations. We're happy to have an increasing family. We know that we can not please everyone yet this is another mile stone & fruitful year for Charleston. Owners prepare something special treats on weekend to all SL fanatics and Charleston Grand VIP members. We do have the Breezes Ballet Dance group performing on Friday @2 pm st Charleston's Dock St. Theater. Astounding performers & great dj's live from Friday until Sunday at Charleston Lace Grand Ballroom. A live fashion show of 5 amazing designers @2pm at Charleston Lace Romance. Here's our complete line up for this 4th year anniversary with full blast celebrations.
2 landmarks for our Grand Ballroom attached for your convenience:
Main Entrance:
Entrance 2,

Friday events line up, November 14 '14 @Charleston Lace Grand Ballroom

2-3 PM BREEZES BALLET DANCERS performs live @ Charleston Dock St. Theater
Theater landmark,

Saturday events line up, Nov. 15 '14 Charleston;s 4th year Anniversary Ball Celebrations @CLGB

Sunday events line up, November 16 '14 @Charleston Lace Grand Ballroom
with our adorable hosts staff Coffee, Muse, Darlene, Piea, Allie, Moby, Thrishia, Harper & Siyron.

2-3 PM Thanks for the Memories Fashion Show Anniversary Celebration
@Charleston Lace Romance. Your landmark attached to watch our live fashion show.

Charleston's 4th year anniversary treat. We'll feature magnificent five (5) designers. They will put together their latest & edgy yet with elegance of their unique style & authentic designs. It will show case their astounding ideas through this special fashion show treat to all SL fashionista and fanatics. These are:

with our lovely models:
Allie Hamilton
Darlene Snowbear
Lin Carlucci
Thrishia Denver
Zexxxy Xaris aka Zee Zee
& Dj Balhem for special participation
It's a must to watch this sassy, chic & fab haute couture SL designers' latest collections.