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Classic with Style~Simply the Best is one of the great modeling institution in Second Life featured a great event held at the wide and big CWS Fashion District.  As you can see the photo below on the right corner sitting on the podium is the master of the show and commentator and proudly owner of CWS Ms. Anrol Anthony. The lovely and gorgeous judges Mr. Steve McCullough also a proud owner and CEO of CWS; Ms. Lillou Merlin, owner and designer of Lillous Designs and a girl sitting beside her were gone in the middle of the show which I missed to see her name. On the left podium is the amazing in house DJ Wildrose who provides excellent tunes from beginning until the end of the pageant.  Also on the center stage is the beautiful gown design, a gift token from attending this marvelous show in SL from CWS.

There are three categories that the participants have to show their own style on beauty, talent and brain. These are the swim wear, talents per team and the question and answer portion to be answer individually.  Let us look first at some of the participants with their daring yet with great pose on their first category in SWIM WEAR. I only took 3 lovely ladies as I am having a problem with SL that keeps kicking me out during photo shooting and trying to find a way where I can save it.  Here's some of the beautiful ladies photo who joined this prestigious event.  

These are Janet Brink, Ladysunfire Erin and Sunrae Suntzu on their very exquisite and appealing boutilicious body with great poses.

Other participants with their yummy sexy body at CWS wide back stage busy doing their preparation on this live pageants event.

The second category is the TALENT presentation of each team about Chinese literature through dance and some karate act.  There are three teams that will perform their own Chinese rendition history but I missed again the other group name.  I have seen the first group consist of Ladysinfire Erin, Philippe Byron, and Liberty Lighthouse and their team group called the Dragon Warriors.  Each of them shows their own movements as to how they will protect their own tribes using a shining armour sword and karate with great and colorful Chinese costumes.  The second group as what I've remembers are wearing radiant red Chinese costumes doing a dance number and they have a blazing backdrop. The members are Sidney Abbot, Laci Rossini and Kiralyn Destiny.  They did an amazing Chinese dance presentation.  The third group is the China Dolls group team consists of Janet Brink, Adrianna Applywhyte, Ania Lennie and Devia Darkbyrd.  They also have a fantabulous backdrops and nice choreographed Chinese dance number. The caption photo below was taken from their amazing video, I edited because some of my photos were missing and since Chinese New Year is coming on first week of February, "Kung Hei Fat Choi" to all readers of my simple blog yet informative about this great event.

The left photo was the group team under "the Dragon Warriors". The right top corner in radiant amazing Chinese costumes doing Chinese dance were the group team I missed because I was disconnected. The left lower corner photo is the team belongs to "China Dolls".

The last category that all of the participants have to style in a James Bond theme to give their best knowledge on QUESTION and ANSWER portion.  The entire contestants were really gorgeous on their chosen unique style gowns and tuxedo.  They also brought out an excellent answer for the question given to each of the participants in Calendar models of 2012.  All of them were already winners because of their great talents, styles and knowledge. The two photos below were their lustrous and sumptuous looks on their winning month category.  Names mentioned below were from left to right.

The Calendar models finalist on their unique and amazing portal of beauties.
Janet Brink - Ms January
Sidney Abbot - Ms. February
Philippe Byron - Mr. March
Laci Rocinni - Ms. May
Liberty Lighthouse - Ms. June
Adrianna Applewhyte - Ms. April  (She is on a mesh gown so I missed her to take her solo shot)

Kiraly Destiny - Ms. July
Ladysunfire Erin - Ms. August
Devia Darkbyrd - Ms. October
Sunrae Suntze - Ms. November
Ania Lennie - Ms. December

Before they reveal with the winners of this prestigious event, lets peek on the dancers who did an amazing intermission number in between categories in Calendar pageants 2012.  The choreographers were the great trainees of CWS who did a well job in coordinating some new and old models to bring a nice presentation.  They set their themes on a four seasons; spring, winter, summer and fall. Cute bunny Vicky Bongo handled the spring presentation which the dancers wearing a cute complete bunny outfit and they presented their intermission number after the swim wear category.  The second is the winter season theme under the choreographer of sweet Laylah Lecker wearing a white snow outfit which I lost my outfit because I did the buying and changing on last minute but they gracefully dance their presentation after the group talents of Calendars participants. The third one is the summer season outfit which handled by beautiful Tiffani Celestalis were the dancers wearing a swimwear with shorts and sandal plus a hat.  The last while waiting for the result were the slutty teacher under gorgeous Laylah choreograph.  All dancers were very daring and sexy yet enjoying the dance presentation presented after third category.  Peek at the photo below which you think match the four season and the outfits.

Spring, winter, summer and fall season theme outfit dancers were the very own CWS trainees Vicky Bongo, Laylah Lecker, Tiffani with the following new and old CWS models are Summit, Lil2mp, Boggiie, Thrishia and please excuse me for the new models if I missed your name to write it down as I forgot who you are but you were really great in sharing your precious talents.

Now is the moment of truth, the result of the pageants and the winners will be home with big prizes with a total of 225,000 lindens at stakes for all the participants and all of them will bring home with good prizes handed by the CWS CEO owner Mr. Steve McCullough. 

The winners are the following:
First announce by CWS owner and commentator Ms. Anrol Anthony is the Most Photogenic for Ms   Calendar Photogenic 2012 that goes to Liberty Lighthouse.  She won 5000 lindens plus trophy and a free professional photo done CWS in house photographer and her picture will be posted to their next issue in  Classic Glamour W/ Style Magz and also to their monthly video.

Second announcement is the best Team Creative talent group goes to China dolls consist of Janet Brink, Adrianna Applywhyte, Ania Lennie and Devia Darkbyrd.  These four lovely ladies bring home 3000 lindens each.

Third announcement were the runner up winners plus the top 3 of this splendid Calendar models 2012 pageant.  These are the following winners with their huge winning prize.
10th runner up goes to and win 5000 linden is-Ms Adrianna Applewhyte
9th runner up goes to and win 5000 linden is-Mr Philippe Byron
8th runner up goes to and win 5000 linden is-Ms Laci Rossini
7th runner up goes to and win 5000 linden is-Ms  Devia Darkbyrd
6th runner up goes to and  win 5000 linden is-Ms Kiralyn Destiny
5th Runner up goes to and win 5,000 linden is-Ania Lennie
4th Runner up goes to and  win 5,000 linden is-Liberty Lighthouse
The  3rd Runner up goes to and win 10,000 linden Ladysunfire Erin

The last were the top 3 of this magnificent event and won huge amount. Photo attached below...

Sidney Abbot---2nd Runner up, 25,000L
Janet Brink-------1st Runner up, 50,000L
Sunrae Suntzu - Crown winner of 100,000L 

complete Pagent Jewelry from  Alyssa Bijoux owner of Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry.

Another shining moment for these winners of this one of a kind pageant in SL that you can only find in Classic with Style that always providing a portal of beauties, talents and brains.  Thanks to Ms. Anrol Anthony and Mr. Steve McCullough who never stop in finding these excellent and brilliant models regardless of age and races, all are welcome to be part of CWS family.  Watch their amazing and daring video that you will really amaze of what they showed in that video.  They said "playboys eat your hearts" which I have to figure out what's the meaning of this.  Have a pleasant reading to everyone.  Here's the video link of these brilliant CWS models who participate in this Calendar pageant, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBXNdKF8ewY