Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fruits of Donations from SL & RL - Sincere Thank you to all donors around the world.

Simple donations brings joy and satisfaction...

Your shared blessing is very meaningful with those people residing in Daanbantayan. The value of donations doesn't count but the sincerity and thoughtful kindness of everyone in Second Life to help others is most important even in a little way. The last minute or one day before the schedule, these breads donations were very helpful to ease the hunger of those kids and adults live in Northern Cebu. The trip in Daanbantayan last December 14 (December 13 for SL) is over whelming for us because we acted like a Samaritans to bring these goodies to affected victims of typhoon Haiyan. 

Here's the packed goodies from accumulated donations from SL and packed breads donated by Cebu Bakers Association through real life friend and 1 bag of used clothes from a friend who go with me on a trip to Daanbantayan. 

How I wish I can bring more but I only have only a small car that looks like sardines when I put only 4 socks with packed goodies good for 25 families but heavy load and 10 boxes of baked bread with a content of 1540 pieces divided into 10 pcs per packed + assorted used clothes in 1 bag. As Thrishia promised to a friend who wanted to help her indigent women with children who lives in Bantayan Island that also affected by this super typhoon. She shared 6 packed goodies and 2 boxes of bread to her but it will take time to bring those goodies as this need to ride boat before reaching that area. And that we can't commit & cross another Island as we have to go back on the same day in the afternoon in the city as we have another real life commitment. Instead she'll ask a trustworthy person to bring these goodies to them but we have to provide him his transportation expenses at least 20$ or around 800 pesos.

During our land trip along the way and as we approaching one of the place in Northern Cebu, Bogo, that also hit by super typhoon, we noticed that some of the children and adult are staying on the side of the highway. We are wondering why but my friend said that maybe they are also asking or begging for some goodies or whatever you can give to them. She asked me if we can share some of the breads so we stop and share some packed breads to these kids but more kids came so we have to limit this and told them to share to each other instead as we are not reaching yet our destination where to give these goodies. We saw this old lady so we stop and gave her packed goodies with packed bread but then she asked for some penny to buy for salt so my friend gave her little amount only. Usually when you give something to others, you don't need to take picture but these photos are just only for documentation and for the purpose that our donors know where the donations go. Photos below are selectively taken in Bogo highway that also hit by the typhoon.

We acted as Samaritan messengers to bring our limited goodies yet worth donations from SL and RL friends & families to some of the affected residents of Daanbantayan. After reaching Daanbantayan municipal hall, Thrishia have to clean up her bladder because of long 4 hours driving. Since we are strangers on this area, my friend who goes with me inquired to one of the government staff who is getting the names of their visitors that brought some donations for their residents. She asked for assistance or guide as to where to go in a remote area since we only brought limited goodies donations and would like to give it to them personally. The staff refers us to go with Councilor Chona. She brought and guides us to go in Maluk-Baluk Agoho Daanbantayan which their house located near the shore. Simple gestures from their faces that you can feel that they are very happy that even a local residents can come as far reaching their area to give or share those simple donations. Since we have limited packed goodies and we have more packed bread, the councilor who go with us decided that we can only give these packed goodies + packed bread to selected senior citizen 60 years old and above and the rest is packed bread and used clothes only.

 "Daghang Salamat" is a visayan words means "thank you very much"

Only selected residents either senior citizen aged 60 years old above can receive the assorted packed goodies with breads since we have limited assorted packed goodies and only bread for the children or adult.

The photo above is our 2nd stop relief goods distribution nearby shore line with some residents. At that time their municipal is giving away 10 kilos of rice with canvass but only given to those who got ticket as their passport to claim their supply. Still we only gave the left over assorted packed goodies to senior citizen and breads for other residents.

The photos above were the cause of super typhoon Haiyan in Northern Cebu. Affected areas on this part were Bogo, Medellin, Daanbantayan and some islands like Malapasqua, Camotes & Bantayan. Most of Daanbantayan residents lost their homes. Some of the houses are either wrecked or roofless.

Residents who were badly affected are those who live nearby the shoreline. Their forms of temporary shelter were we passed by with 2 residents living in a cemetery tomb. Some stays in a tent from Red Cross, ordinary canvass shared with few residents or just any light materials that they put it together to form a place to sleep.

The photos above are just their simple life style to survive that cause with the previous calamity. They have water supply but their cooking is in an open area. Fishing is only the source of their livelihood.

Most of the residents need to rebuild their homes so according to councilor Chona that some of local and international donors already brought some donations to this affected area in Daanbantayan, Northern Cebu by giving construction materials. These are Swiss & Russian Orthodox who gave housing materials good for 126 households, NGO (Non Government Organization) gave housing materials good for 41 households and another anonymous group that doesn't like to mention their name will donate housing materials good for 50 on December 22. The photos below are unexpected meeting with Daanbantayan Mayor Corro. Even I knew their contact numbers with his assistant Mr. Luche where I got and search from internet, I didn't bother them as we had limited goodies only and these are just personal. No politics involve.

That's the end of our journey by giving our sincere donations to their residents. Got a flat tire going back so we need to drop by at nearby vulcanizing shop to fix it as we need another 3-4 hours drive going back to the city. We took our late lunch along Catmon where we saw lots of Red Cross volunteers. 

Before Thrishia end up her Daanbantayan trip documentation for the charity goodies, Thrishia would like to personally thank her sincere & best friend SL partner with warm-hearted nature Moby Tiger for his additional assistance for other expenses. Thrishia & Moby Tiger would like to greet our SL families and friends a Merry Merry Christmas & may you and your families have a joyful New Year. 

Peace, Joy and Love to everyone around the world.