Thursday, July 19, 2012


Photography Shadows

For my Wednesday (July 18) class under Ms. Laylah, she taught us how to play with our graphics using the environment setting for photography.  At first, I was wondering where the shadow of the window is and I don't see any on the wall base on this picture I took.  I could only see the sun (assuming it is a sun rays) rays reflecting on the window, but still no window shadows.  Then one of my classmates in modeling click on my blog which I don't know either what she does so I tried to communicate to her through SL.  She teaches me how to do the follower thing directly to her link here in blogger which I'm not familiar with but it was worth it because I found it where to click.  Then I was like wondering when I saw her picture with shadow on it through her blog.  I was curious and asked her again how she did it since I don't get any shadow on my picture.  She told me that I should only play with my graphics.  So I went back to school to try it again.  Still I didn't get it even I set the environment setting in different views.  

Finally, I found where to look for that shadow under graphics.  I tried to click everything and adjusting this shadow options until the shadows reflect on the wall.  It was perfectly nice to see the shadow of the window and my silhouette.  I also tried to click on environment setting to try all these setting how the views will be look likes.

Then I found this incongruent truth under environments setting because I was clicking everything to try it and there's a lot of choices how you want your views to be.

I also tried this sunrise setting under sun position. The shot was amazing and my silhouette seems to be sexier than me :D 

And that's me with my silhouette on the wall on midday setting.  What a great lessons we have in photography settings.  Thanks to Ms. Laylah in providing such great information on this subject matter.  Their students will enlighten their knowledge on how to get a good photo using these techniques.


  1. Thrishia! Great work! I love love love it! :D

  2. Hi Ms. Laylah, thank you! Just trying to figure out this one but with your helping hands plus supporting friends/classmates, I made it right. Good morning! Have a good day.

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    1. ty nav, my sl longest pal turns to be my special bro :D. always keep in touch. goodnight!