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Graduation is approaching for July 2012 modeling students of University of Classic with Style.  Hoping everyone will pass all the requirements on time before finals.  Time flies so fast.  Preparing all the requirements needed is like we are cramming at this time :D.  The photos were taken last July 23, 2012 inside the campus of UCWS.   Ms. Lisana, our instructor for the day trying to check all of us for our beach and dome mandatory poses.  She wanted to know if all of us have the right poses and be ready to take the stage examination.  UCWS July modeling students should have positive thinking to be ready on final verdict.  We (July modeling students) are hoping that we will all captivate this special moment for us to become aspiring SL models in the future.  In this photo were Ms. Lisana, our beautiful accommodating instructor, Kaitlyn Spyker, Caralyne Melody, Chevia, Addison, Agee Canto, Kandi Battitude, Kayleighz1988 Karillion and Trixxistar.

The photo above is about our dome 2 mandatory poses for the center stage.  We have to wear and on our huddles together for the request position.  Our instructor is leading us for each poses.  I was wondering why we are doing the same moves or poses but using each huddle.  I asked our instructor Ms. Lisana, how she did it, she said by saying cue though I still need to figure out how she controlled us but it was fun and amazing moves in one lane formation.

Here is our dome 1/3 mandatory poses for the right (dome 1) and left (dome 3) stage of dome formation if facing the audiences.  Our instructor still leading us one by one by cueing each poses in our loaded huddles.  She is still in perfect posing while checking her students.  Some are lost in some ways because of mixing up but manage to catch up.  One model on dome 1 will invite the model on dome 3 and will drive the synchronization posing.

These are our required beach mandatory poses for our beach formation stage at University of Classic with Style.  Again our poised instructor Ms. Lisana still leading and checking us one by one if we do have our poses loaded correctly in our huddle.   She cued each poses until the last pose. Everyone is having fun while doing the same moves and posing.  After rigid checking for our mandatory poses, some of us do a short practice for both beach and dome formation.

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