Wednesday, July 18, 2012



Camaraderie, it's a term that you go along with others like your friends, classmates or any mates :D.  Being one of the active participant within this camaraderie, you enjoy each others company, exchanging ideas or experience is good to share in a loving and caring community.  Also helping each other to cope with stress going on in this community will ease our pressure and we'll be relax instead and enjoying what we have to learn in this circle of friends who are willing to share their/her knowledge and willing to help us improve our skills in our own way through their thorough guidance. I do really enjoy doing these modeling practice with some of my classmates who are trying our best to suit the taste of our instructors.  Hopefully we could do more practices and to get the proper posing required for each formation in order to tap the required assessment for us. In this photo were Ms. Tiffani Celestalis our very accommodating instructor for our beach formation practice, Sweetyuna Wendel. Addison, Chevia and me taken at UCWS beach back stage.

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