Thursday, July 19, 2012


 Unexpected Styling Event For Me

Last July 16, this "green" was the styling theme for that day and held at Styling stage of CWS.  I was so thrill to join since I want to experience how to be in a styling event. I asked for some inquiries from my fellow classmates in modeling what is all about. So this is my first first time joining this event in styling but it was amazing experience for me.  Even without knowing what will I do or what will I wear for the green theme events at styling back stage.  Though SL always have this magical wand of just one click of your mouse, and wallah! you're wearing a simple outfit with a little style.  It's a good start to learn few things about styling so I'm kinda newbie here.  I was busy in rl but then it was left behind  in order to do this sl events but anyways I tried to manage to have my own simple styling.  At first I was hesitant if I will join or not since I saw a lot of active participants and my time was too short and even not well prepared unlike others which has a great styling in green and very well prepared.  I am very thankful to Ms. Anrol and Ms. Laylah who accommodate my last minute instruction that I'm going to join this "green styling event".  It's just I want to try for the first time and there were 18 participants who joined for the green theme.  I think mostly are really have these styles of their own and showed to the audience and judges their distinctive green style outfit.  I even don't know that each participants get scores on what they showed about their styles, run way walk or modeling poses plus each styles outfit descriptions.  I could say it was really fun watching these different styles but only focus on one theme.  Maybe sooner it will expand my horizon on styling if I do watch this styling event or try to join again next time if there's no conflict schedules on both sides of my world.  Here are some of my personal remembrance photos taken during the event. 

The winners of this green styling event were the following: 
1st - Ania Lennie; 
2nd spot is Liberty Lighthouse 
and the 3rd is Sidney Abbot.

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  1. i will read all later thrishia but pics are soo nice