Friday, July 27, 2012


Butterfly styling event was held @CWS styling runway stage Thursday noon time.  An exciting event that we really have to attend especially for the aspiring model students of University of Classic with Style.  The stage were full packed with these beautiful outfit creations by each participants.  All participants are really prepared for their own phenomenon butterfly rendition.  I was not planning to attend since I had my confirmed time slot for my midterms styling and also of the time frame differences.  My eager to join on the early 12 noon second life time (3 am real time) butterfly styling event didn't stop me not do my best.  Before the event its like I was cramming to join or not because of limited time.  Though I was able to prepare everything from outfit to outfit descriptions and loading poses to my huddle before going to bed plus I had a quick practice with Ms. Vicky whom I really appreciate her guidance and her overwhelming comments about my beach and dome formation practice as in really quick :D.  Below are some of the photos taken during the event.

Above photo were half of the participants have to line up at the left side of the styling runway stage.  They have to pose until all participants were called.  Most are really have their own amazing creations for their butterfly outfit. Even I'm half asleep, I'm trying to get a good photo.  Hope it turns out good result.

The photo above were on the right side of the styling runway stage.  All of us are really with colorful different outfit.  It means that we have our own great ideas base on what we would like to represent this butterfly outfit.  Some I could say that they tried to be great as much as they would because of their amazing presentation plus a radiant outfit.  In totality,  we all do our best to present our own thoughts for this lovely butterfly theme.


SIDNEY ABBOT - 3RD PLACER (she's great and always in top 3 of any event. thumbs up! Sidney)

Among the 15 participants for the butterfly styling event, the judges have to choose only top 3.  I was busy and trying to capture a remembrance photo for this event.  Unexpectedly, I was chosen to be part of it.  Its all worth all my effort for this butterfly styling event.  Its like I was recharge when my name called as top 2 for this event.  I'm glad that I could say I improve a little by watching some previous events and trying to get some tricks and tips from previous participants on styling event and also some guidance from our UCWS instructors.

My winning style for butterfly styling event

It was really amazing experience to be part of this lovely event.  You'll never know what will happen next.  If you are willing to learn and grasp whats the fashions in SL, soon you'll become part of it whether you like or not.  I choose "white butterfly" because of this simple and its nice to glance the beauty of this creature.  I dont know but maybe my outfit descriptions help me grab my 2nd spot on butterfly styling event and I just want to  share some part of it about what I want to represent for my "white butterfly" style.  Here is it,

"For today, as one of the students of UCWS, we are required to join this Butterfly event as part of our midterms.  I dig into my inventory to look for the proper theme outfit.  I found this outfit interesting.  I would like to represent my own butterfly interpretation.  I choose and called my outfit a dazzling and simple White Butterfly.  The beauty and swaying of my own wings that capture my eyes... 

White butterfly means pure soul. It symbolizes the cleanliness of our heart so our soul should always be clean and pure.  I decided not to match any jewelries accessories to make it more simply because that's what UCWS goes to Simply the Best.  Butterfly also doesn't like to be choke and wants freedom to smell the fragrance of flowers everywhere. smiles! I'm wearing a cyan make to give a little color to my white butterfly outfit, simple white hair with a little touch of gardenia flower hair accessory and pumps to match my outfit."

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