Sunday, July 29, 2012


Introducing JAYGEE VOLLMAR's CLOTHING LINE showed her distinctive designs through fashion show.  Ms. Jaygee Vollmar, a great clothing designer and Ms. Anrol Anthony, CEO of Classic with Style merge into one fashion show. It was held last July 27, 2012 at the red runway stage of Classis with Style.  It featured all Ms. Vollmar's new clothing designs that can be found at her Jaygee's store.  Classic with Style supermodels presents these astounding outfits and them all looks gorgeous in front of the audiences.  I was not able to capture a great photo shots of everything but with few highlighted featured gowns.  The fashion was really one of the best because it also highlighted how these supermodels of CWS became one of the best models in Second Life.

The photo above is the supermodels on the red runway showing different amazing outfits.  The supermodels are Ania Lennie, Laci Rossini, Janet Brink, Liberty Lighthouse, Sidney Abbot, Ladysunfire Erin, Lisana Rossen, Debbiedoo Tigerfish, Vicky Bongo, Tiffani Celestalis and Laylah Lecker.  All looks stunning on their outfit while presenting a dance number together.  They are chosen best models of Classic with Style.  Over all, all of them have one common goal to continue to be one of the great and admiring Second Life models.  

The two photos above were some of the gowns that highlighted in the fashion show.  Only these gowns that really rezzed well on my screen.  Both were really has this craftsmanship on the designs.  All of the designs of Ms, Jaygee Vollmar had her amazing ideas on how to come up with a gorgeous and elegant look.  Two of the great supermodels of CWS showing their best poses on how to present a remarkable outfit.

The audiences in the red runway is really full packed.  Both CEO of Classic with Style, Ms. Anrol Anthony and Mr. Steve McCullough were present.  Ms. Anrol is the commentator of the fashion show.  She's highlighting her supermodels great bios and a good descriptions on all designs outfit for that show.  The owner and designer Ms. Jaygee Vollmar is also present and received a flower bouquet.  Past and present models of CWS; UCWS students; some vip's and guests were also having fun watching this unremarkable show.

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