Sunday, August 5, 2012


SALUTE UCWS JULY GRADUATES AND CONGRATULATIONS to Carla, Chevia, Kaitlyn, Kandi, Kayleigh, Sagia, Subrina, Thrishia and Trixxi!  The day has come, our graduation day.  We have our graduation rites last August 3 at dome stage located at Classic with Style.  Everyone was busy preparing everything before the schedule time for our commencement exercise.  We (June & July graduating students of UCWS) are required to come 2 hours earlier for a short notice but fun experience graduation formation practice coordinated by non other the owner CEO of Classic with Style Ms. Anrol Anthony.  She practiced us for our graduation formation and guided where to stand on the stage.  After the quick stage formation follows the short but fun dance number choreograph by COO Ms. Debbiedoo Tigerfish.  Then Mr. Steve McCullough is the one who is in charge of video and photography of our exciting commencement exercise and dance number.  It was really a memorable experience in Second life that you can feel this inner excitement that you are in the real world of graduation rites.  Thanks to all our sincere trainers of University of Classic with Style and we all does a great job in achieving our goal to be one of CWS model and to receive our modeling certificate.  For me the award is not important but it’s the matter of integrity on what is your purpose.  Don't give too much high expectation as we are here to enjoy and to learn some basic knowledge.  Instead try to absorb that techniques and use it wisely than personal intention.  Be happy of what you get and be willing to share your knowledge if you have the free will without anything in return.  Here are some of my remembrance photos below of our commencement rites:

Above photo is our on the spot graduation practice with our own CEO of Classic with Style Ms. Anrol Anthony. Ms. Anrol briefs us what to do and some rules during the ceremony.  She managed to do our line formation in a fast and quick mode.  All my batch mates are really in full concentration about the practice.  We did all a great job and got all the instructions at once. 

The photo above is our quick dance practice with our very active choreographer Ms. Debbiedoo Tigerfish.  She is very down to earth and very jolly.  Including one of our own beautiful trainee Ms. Vicky Bongo, also joined us with our amazing dance number for video purposes.  Our dance is very cool.  We are swaying in snychronization.  Ms.  Debbie also gave us a great graduation gift as our costume pirate outfit for our dance.  In behalf of my batch mates, thank you Ms. Debbie for that wonderful gift.

Our photo above along with my batch mates, 2 beautiful trainers Ms. Debbie and Ms. Vicky and owner CEO of Classic with Style is our graduation batch photo for July '12 remembrance.  All of us were on great posing while Mr. Steve, one of our CEO of Classic with Style is patiently taking photos of this great event in CWS.  I know everyone of my batch mates were trying to get some photos of this very important event.  We had a short break before our exact graduation rites.  We had a little relaxation before our moments come to release some tension and trembling.

The photo above is the actual graduation rites where we stand on our spot on the dome stage.  Lots of visitors came.  Some are families and friends of July graduates.  Most on the audiences are proud families of July graduates achievers in the modeling field at Classic with Style.  Though some are having trembling feelings about our actual ceremony, we manage to be elegant and poised on our given spot. 

Our final presentation is our pirate dance number photo above with fireworks through forming a great short message for us.  After the graduation rites, we are asked to go back at the back stage to change for our costume outfit for our dance presentation.  Some of us are having trouble in changing including me.  The place was full packed of visitors so we're hit by this lag.  Ms. Debbie told us to relog in order to see the full outfit but few didn't make it.  Though, we managed to present our dance number gracefully. We are looking forward to see a new pace on our modeling career if this is really our path to walk through in Second life modeling.  We thank all of our very dedicated trainers including CWS top CEO for this great achievement in Second life modeling through Classic with Style-Simply the Best.  Congrats to all modeling achievers and more power to Classic with Style.  

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