Monday, August 13, 2012


The new runway stage of Classic with Style was really wide to accommodate lots of prestigious guest and visitors. The owners and CEO of Classic with Style Ms. Anrol Anthony and Mr. Steve McCullough made another great place to relax while watching an amazing show like this Ms. International.  So I took the chance to take some photos of this another new runway stage design of Classic with Style.  While the finale competition for Ms. International pageant is not yet starting, I tried to catch a nice photo shot of this amazing new runway stage and nice sitting arrangement for the audience in front of the stage.  I was lucky to participate for the two dance presentation for this big event.  I have the chance to take some great photos though I was a little hit by lag.  A few photo shots below is the  Classic with Style  new runway stage.  It was only prepared for this big special finale event of Ms. International 2012.

The two photos above and below are the new runway stage looks and the sitting arrangement for the visitors.  Above photo if you are at the back stage.  How is it nice to look at far distance?  The ambiance is very cool and relaxing.  Photo below is where you can see the back stage front were the models will go out. The interior designs are great and the brightest color combination is simple yet very elegant.

The photo below is the huge and wide back stage.  It has a very high ceiling and the floor is really wide to move around.  It is a good place for the models and dancers to practice.  It's like you can breathe normally without exhaustion because of this open space.  Everyone here at the back stage was busy preparing for this great event specially the Ms. International 2012 finalists.  Our choreographers Ms. Laylah and Ms. Tiffani are both relax and gracefully guiding us (the new models) for our dance presentation line up.

Now let's go to the main event, the Ms. International Pageant competition is now going to start.  It was the first big event that I've watch in Secondlife.  It was held at the CWS new runway stage.  The new runway place was full of visitors to catch this glamorous special event.  Here are the seven gorgeous chosen finalists for this Ms. International.

The 7 finalists were the following representing their chosen countries:

There are three categories to present for each finalist of Ms. International 2012.  First categories are the swimwear in which each finalist have to give their good poise and their great description of their swimwear outfit.  Here are some of the finalists' photos on their swimwear presentation since I cannot capture everyone because of limited or my connection is dragging by lag.  They all look titillating and daring but yet elegant on their poses and moves. 





The second category is for their outfit creations for their chosen countries and their talent portion.  Each finalist has to present their talent either by dancing or reenactment.  Their talents were really gracefully presents even the place hit by lag.  Some has with this amazing back drop.  All the seven finalists of Ms. International really well prepared their astounding talent presentation.  Below are some of the photos I took during their presentations. 

Sidney Abbot presents a cowboy dance in front of the 2 prestigious judges Classic with Style CEO Ms. Anrol Anthony and Mr. Steve McCullough and audiences.  She gracefully managed to present her own dance number as her talent even her back drop were gone with the wind :D.

Sunrae Suntzu represents Ms. Egypt so she presents an Egyptian dance number.  Her back drop design was really go with her chosen country.  The Egyptian mosque design is nice.  Her dance number outfits were alluring and seductive.  She gave a remarkable Egyptian dance presentation.

Janet Brink represents Ms. Panama.  She presented a reenactment in a well known restaurant and she delivered it gracefully.  The twist is that she gave a magnificent dance number.  She has a great presentation for this great event.  She really makes an amazing talent from reenactment to dance presentation.

Sweetyuna Wendel chose to represent Ms. Japan since she live in Japan.  In spite of her health condition, she managed to present her dance number.  She gracefully do her dance number even her background music is off and on.  Most of the finalists present a dance number as their talent and all of them do their very best to bring up a magnificent presentation.  All of their outfits were really gorgeous, creative, fabulous and stunning.  All of you are really the best inspiration to other models of Classic with Style.

The last part is the question and answer portion that each finalist have to answer a question promptly and wisely.  All participants for this Ms. International 2012 were amazing.  Though I didn't catch all their questions because of my conflict class for advance at 7 pm but I managed to go back to see who were the winners for this amazing event.  I know that all of their answers will be base on their real life experience that they can relate to Secondlife.  Nevertheless, all of you are already winners at your own pace because of the effort and time that you really impart for your incredible outfits and remarkable presentations.  Congrats to all of you and soon you'll be the goddess inspiration of all models in Secondlife.

Before we go to the winners of this Ms. International 2012, let's glance to the photos that I took during our practice and actual presentation.  Our dance presentations guided by our gorgeous two choreographers.   At the beginning of the show, it was very smooth but when the event duration is getting longer, our moves is hitting by lag so we are having a little problem with our moves.  Some of us for the second dance presentation like me that I am seeing improper like no skirt, some are gray and half of us are really slow in motion.  In spite of this a bit lag, we manage to present our two dances gracefully with the help of our very active and beautiful trainees of Classic with Style, Ms. Laylah Lecker and Ms. Tiffani Celestalis.  In spite of their hectic schedule, they both managed to have our graceful and lively dance presentation in between as our intermission number of this amazing pageant show.  Here's my 2 photo shots below while we are practicing and one on the actual stage. 

The photo above is our grease dance presentation.  We (Trixxistar, Thrishia, Kaitlyn, Chevia and Kandi), the newly models of CWS, practicing while waiting for our turn after the swimwear presentatiion of Ms. International finalist cater and guided by our very active trainee and choreographer Ms. Laylah Lecker.

After the creative and talent portion of the Ms. International finalists is our actual dance presentation.  This is our intermission dance number while the finalists are preparing for their last presentation.  Though we are having a little problem in synchronization but we managed to present it gracefully with the proper guidance of our very energetic trainee and choreographer Ms. Tiffani Celestalis.

Now here is the prizes, it was really huge amount of lindens for the top 3 and also for the others that will received a prizes for their great and amazing presentation.  They are really the models that you can really inspire because of their effort and creativeness.  The winners stake are: 2nd runner will go home with 25,000 linden dollars, 1st runner will grab a 50,000 linden dollars and for the crown of Ms. International 2012 will get a huge prize of 100,000 linden dollars plus a set of jewelries and plus added endorsement from Classic with Style.  It was really a pleasure to see such a nice event.  Congrats to the following who grab the special prize as Ms. Photogenic and Ms. Creative outfit and talent goes to Suzie Marenwolf and Sunrae Suntzu; 6th to 3rd runner up to Sweetyuna Wendel, Sidney Abbot, Suzie Marenwolf and Liberty Lighthouse.  The photo below is the top 3 chosen for the Ms. International 2012...

2nd runner up - Ms Sunrae Suntzu representing Ms. Egypt
1st runner up - Kiralyn Destiny representing Ms. Brazil
& the winner plus the crown goes for Ms. International 2012 to JANET BRINK-Ms. Panama

It's not the prize that you will gain here, it's the glamorous and to be well known as one of the creative and great inspiration models in Secondlife is the best accomplishment that you will receive.  For me, all of you are the winners of this pageant because you did all magnificent presentations so CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE including the staff and management of Classic with Style-Simply the Best; you all really did a great job.  You all show the finest fashion show in the Secondlife grid and wishes you all more fashion shows to come.