Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The 2013 Sophisticated CWS finalists with Beauties and Styles

The Classic with Style - Simply the Best held another great event at the fashion district venue stage for the finale of Ms. Sophisticated 2013.   It is owned by the proud active owners CEO Ms. Anrol Anthony and Mr. Steve McCullough that always looking forward for the best and amazing fashion show pageant in SL grid. The audiences were always full packed and amuse with the show.  The in house DJ Wildrose provides the enchanting live music.  The three lovely and gorgeous judges that will fully scan the finalists were Sidney Abbot who is a pageants well experienced and the previous crown winner for Ms. Sophisticated 2012,  prestigious guest Ms. Harleybeth28 Amoufhaz and the CWS CEO Mr. Steve McCullough will give their best scores and expertise in scanning all the finalist for their best presentation and one will bring home the crown of Ms. Sophisticated 2013 with huge prizes.  The prizes were a huge amount of 200,000 lindens that is given away on this big finale pageant event.  The photo below is how the fashion district venue is a good place to watch a fantastic and a spectacular big event like this Ms. Sophisticated 2013.  The house is always full of visitors and guest aside from CWS models and students who were presents to support these fantabulous CWS candidates so please excuse if the photo shot is in a low lag level :D. You will also see in the photo the gorgeous golden sexy outfit that is given away free as a token for watching this big event.

There are only 5 contenders that will compete for their beauties, talents and knowledge but all of them were really winners on their own capacity.  They really work on their presentation for the three categories.  These are the swim swear, talents and the question and answer portion. Let's take a peek on their sumptuous and luscious body on their swim swear category but I missed Laci Rossini's sexy outfit so  I only got four sexy outfit photos.  Here's their swim swear outfit for the first category.  The sexy ladies from left to right are Rita Mirror, Sunrae Suntzu, Frayar and Kiralyn Destiny

The second category is the talent portion which all of the contenders did a dance presentation to commemorate their Easter   Some have a nice backdrops like a colorful dancing particles and one is something to do how to worship through dance.  The last portion is the question and answers in the third category that all of them did an amazing focal point on how they will deliver their own answers to the question given to each of them.  Hence the judges have a little hard on finding the right crown winner so let's just hang up and take a look with the dance intermission done and choreograph by the CWS trainees Lisana Rossen, Vicky Yongbo, Tiffani Celestalis and Janet Brink.  Each dance intermission did during after each category and before announcing the winners.  Here's their amazing outfit and the group dancers.

The first dance intermission was done after swim wear category.  The country girl dancers are 
Becky, Lil2imp, Haydenm, Rainwynmskrilpuss, Shadowgirl, Thrishia, Ania, Ladysunfire, Summit and with CWS trainee choreographer Lisana Rossen,  The second dance intermission were done after the talent category with the tune of "I feel like a woman by Shania Twain".  The cuke's dancers were the same as the country dancers and dance choreograph by CWS trainee Vicky Yongbo.  The third dance intermission was choreographed by our hyper active trainee Tiffani Celestalis and her angel dancers are Lil2imp, Summit, Shadow, Becky and Thrishia.  The last dance intermission is to entertain the audience and to give ample time for the judges to finalize their scores and while waiting to find the winner for this pageant.  The choreographer is Janet Brink with the tune of "Putting on the Ritz" with sexy outfit plus amazing backdrop done by our choreographer.  The dancers were the same with the angel dancers and Agee.

Now let's take a look again to our gorgeous 5 finalists with their amazing gown. The first in the photo in peacock style of gown is Rita Mirror, the second to left is Kiralyn Destiny with her elegant gown.  The middle is Frayar who is great looking with her satin gown, the fourth is in beautiful gown Sunrae Suntzu though she must be wearing mesh gloves that my viewer can't be seen sometimes and the last one is with her grandeur gown Laci Rossini.  All of them were really amazing with their splendid yet elegant gowns.

The moment of truth is now on the hand of the commentator of this big event.  The winners is going to be announce but before that here is the prizes that each of them will be taking home. All of them will be home with huge prizes but being on the pageant finalist is already winners on their own category and a good sign that they have the beauty, talent and knowledge to share for everyone.  Always feet on the ground and you will always receive a good praise by everyone who knows you well with your best abilities in fashion grid.

Photogenic will win 5,000 Linden
Best creative outfit and talent will win 5,000 Linden
4th runner up  will win 5,000 Linden 
3rd runner up  will win 10,000 Linden 
2nd runner up will win 25,000 Linden
1st Runner Up will win 50,000L 
Crown winner Ms. Sophisticated 2013 will win 100,000 Linden

Now let's see who are the winners of this one of a kind pageant in SL fashion grid that you will only see at Classic with Style and who knows you might be one of them someday and standing on their portal.  The winners are:

Rita Mirror grab the Ms. Photogenic wins 5,000 Linden
Best creative outfit and talent goes to Sunrae Suntze wins 5,000 Linden

4th runner up both she won 5,000 linden
3rd runner up goes to Frayar wins 10,000 Linden 
2nd runner up goes to Kiraly Destiny won 25,000 Linden
1st Runner Up goes to Laci Rossini wins 50,000L 

And the Crown winner Ms. Sophisticated 2013 wins 100,000 Linden plus a set of jewelry goes to SUNRAE SUNTZU.


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