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Thrishia's SF outfits journey... chosen as 1st Runner up SF Super Model 2012 on finale.

Thrishia is one of the chosen contenders to be in top 3 of SF SUPER MODEL 2012 held at CWS Black and White runway owned by CEO's Ms. Anrol Anthony and Mr. Steve McCullough and as requested by the designer of SFD Ms. Swaffette Firefly to have the SF finale last October 28, 2012.  The competition among these amazing contenders really very tight and they showed their best in style, talent and brain.  Thrishia would like to share all the outfits she wore during the competition made by designer Ms. Swaffette Firefly competition started last August 26, 2012 with 35 participants who audition but only need top 15 to compete.  Most are well experienced in styling and senior in SL pageant.  Thrishia never expected that she can reach to top 3 but she is very happy of what she got and no regrets.  It's truly and amazing experience in this field of career in SL.

Here is Thrishia’s SF Super Model pageant outfit journey by showing these magnificent styles and designed by Ms. Swaffette Firefly, owner of SF Design store from the audition until finale.


Thrishia choose to represents Italy because of their distinctive characteristics.  Italian is known as very compassionate, sweet and romantic that she could say that's her ㋡.  She is wearing SF design Italian flag bikini set outfit.  This beautiful swim wear colors attracts her because of its bright colors. It signifies with happiness for red, purity for white and self respect for the green.  Isn't it amazing to have this beautiful swim wear with characters embedded?

1st elimination - SFD MELINDA OUTFIT

Thrishia's radiant yet alluring melinda outfit from SF Designs.  She chooses to be simple but refreshing outfit. The tube top outfit shows her seductive and captivating cleavage. The sheering skirt wrapping her flirtatious body that gives her the comfort to move and sway. The sexy fitting legging shows her simplicity and femininity.


Thrishia feels smart flirty comfortable with this sumptuous outfits both from SF Designs.  The pure white furry bolero shows her alluring sex appeal in an elegant style.  The coat sleeves give a little extra warm feeling to her soft smooth dark skin with a great finishing hemline. This brooch tie added a revealing and brightens her top.  The intense bright and vivid leather pants shows the quality fitting on her legs.  The belt is really match and perfectly in great position on her enticing hips.

3rd elimination - SFD STEWART TARTAN

This SF stewart tartans highland gown from SF Designs is really heavy yet it gives a warm soft touch for Thrishia's delicate smooth skin.  Her fitted tube top shows the grandeur shape.  Added the cute simple ribbon that brightens her top. The flowing skirt swaying like a flowing flower in the air with matching durable heels. It shows the craftmanship of the quality great looking of her over all stewart tartans outfit. She compliment it with a quality tartan bonnet from Brodie that protects her long braided shiny black hair style.


Thrishia loves to visit their ranch with rich scenery to ride on her favorite pony.   This is her favorite attire in a simple casual yet very cozy for her total outfit.   Its a western style. The bright red SF design vest give a great accentuate with her inner grandeur SF design stripe polo shirts that provides comfort for Thrishia.  This blue SF design mini shorts denim shows her vibrant shape with.  Her favorite sf design bikers belt really fit on its place and it shows the curve of Thrishia's alluring hips.


Her complete SF design executive outfit really fits for her position.  The cut and curve of her inner daunting blouse shows a little coquettish looks.  Her appropriate remarkable matching  black jacket and skirt shows her simplicity yet very professionalism and corporate with her total appearance.  She accentuate SF design strong and sturdy briefcase to carry her document papers with changeable texture style option to choose from that will go with any outfit.

6th elimination - SFD ANNETTE CASUAL

Thrishia feels smart flirty comfortable with this sumptuous casual outfits that she loves to wear both from SF Designs. Her pure white sfd annette crochet jacket has a remarkable craftsmanship unique design. It provides extra warm comfort feelings to her soft smooth angel tanned skin from Akira Cybertar and lauren shape from Bucket Linden with a great finishing crochet hemline. The inner sfd dark black camisole added a revealing and brightens her top.  It shows her simplicity yet alluring sex appeal in a casual style.

The intense fitting sfd jean with cuffs provides more relief for Thrishia in whatever moves she does. The simple sfd annette belt tie is really match and perfectly in great position on her enticing hips. ㋡ She choose to glorify this remarkable SF Designs Annette outfit with amazing accessory


Thrishia found this very elegant and sophisticated gown design for her 3rd time visits. She's wearing a contemporary and authentic emerald design Lauren gown.

It illuminates her dazzling beauty and shines her new soft smooth angel tanned skin from Akira Cybertar and lauren shape from Bucket Linden with her sfd gorgeous lauren teal gown tops. The sequence embroidered design emphasize the uniqueness of this top design sfd lauren emerald gown. It molds her boutilicious shape.  A flowing and flexi sfd lauren skirt added a great curvaceous as she walks on the red carpet.

The matching sfd lauren gown emerald stiletto provides her a cozy and comfortable poise. The craftsmanship of this sfd lauren gown is really remarkable


Thrishia choose to wear this sexy cerulean blue SFD corinne beachwear because it gives an amazing freshen compassionate looks for the eyes and for her boutilicious Heavens' cleo shape and WoW Amar milk skin for a change from dark to light skin. The SFD coquettish brassiere with neck ties ribbon molded and brightens her top. The SFD bikini pair is really warm and fitted at her luscious hips.  She loves the SFD belt as always in great position to add a little titillating view.  This brilliant beachwear yet very refreshing to glance are good to add more accessories to give more attraction to it.



Thrishia was invited to attend a 2nd year anniversary of one of her group families in a masquerade style theme.  She went to SFD store to find this glorious outfit named SFD anniversary ivory ball gown.  She was attracted with the craftsmanship design that she thought this would be great for her ball gown outfit.  It’s good that her beauty will be hidden in a crowded area to protect her identity.

This SFD anniversary ivory gown is really perfect for Thrishia's curvaceous heaven's shape and brightens her new wow amar natural milk skins.  The back of her glorious tube top has a distinguish design. The exquisite terracotta lace hemlines for her tops and a portion of her skirt gives an excellent view on her boutilicious total looks.

Her skirt is really splendid that the designer put her best effort and patience to put it together all these lots of prims layers to bring out a great product result. Thrishia tried to edit some little unforeseen parts of her beautiful skirt mostly on waistline but she lost one prim and went inside this complex skirt but Ms. Firefly always there for a kind and sweet consideration for Thrishia's favor and she's very glad for this amazing service that she got from SFD store.  Her brilliant silky ivory skirt flowing and swaying nicely trying her best walks on the aisle.

Thrishia's silky ivory ball gown has a grand stiletto pair.  The style is great because its unique design that perfectly fits her tiny yet cute feet and provides her a cozy comfortable poise.


Here is some information about the designer of SF Design store, SWAFFETTE FIREFLY short info.  Her store landmark and marketplace link to grab her wonderful and quality yet affordable clothes of any design.

Swaffette Firefly is the proud owner and designer for SF Design since 2004. Mostly she designed british made clothes for men and women.  She is approachable so any problem or inquiries regarding your purchase items, she'll personally help and guide you.  Here's her SF Design - suits, suit, tux, tuxedo, tuxedos, gown, formal wear, jeans, casual, menswear, men's clothes, womens wear, business wear, shirts, boots, shoes, jackets, chaps, costumes and uniforms.

Ms. Swaffette Firefly marketplace link of her different type of amazing design of clothes.

Here's her store landmark to see those actual design personally.
sf design mainstores landing poi, Penryn (69, 96, 36)

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